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If you are into sports—whether playing or watching them—then get moving and come to Grossmont Center. With fantastic gyms and fitness classes, it’s easy to lead an active lifestyle.

Get Fit at Grossmont Center Gyms

Maintaining a fit and healthy body is a lifetime commitment that requires a lot of work. At Grossmont Center, our gyms and fitness centers take the work out of working out and make it exhilarating. Our large-scale gym Chuze Fitness offers something for everyone. With numerous pieces of cardio equipment, strength-training stations, and energetic group fitness classes, you can dive into the workout that’s right for you.

If you’ve already discovered that yoga is your workout passion, then SD Yoga Center is the place for you. The signature hot yoga classes are a big draw. Don’t like it hot? There are many non-heated classes, too.

Get Into Sports in La Mesa

Athletes in any sport need to train to be in optimal shape. One of the best places to do that at Grossmont Center is at Othentik Gym. With pro athletes among the mentor-trainers and classes called Burn 500, Sculpt and Tone, and Sweat, Othentik ensures you will be playing at your maximum performance level.

Some people may not consider dance a sport, but it requires athletic discipline and stamina as well as an amazing gracefulness. Students at Dance Days Studio train rigorously in styles such as hip-hop and contemporary; group classes and private lessons are both available. For a unique and exotic experience, enroll in a class at Hiva Katoa Polynesian Dance. You will be immersed in the world of dance and music from places such as Samoa and Tahiti, and get the opportunity to perform and learn from master artists.

Root, Root, Root for the Home Team

Sports fans can declare their allegiance to their favorite teams with gear from Sports Corner. Are you a Padres or Aztec fan? An East Coast transplant who cheers for the Yankees or the Red Sox? You can find apparel from all of the top pro and college teams here. And if watching the Big Game inspires you to hit the court or the field, you can buy sports equipment here, too. Ready to play ball—or just hit the gym? Come to Grossmont Center and score a great deal at our fantastic gyms and fitness centers!

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