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Community and Religious Centers in the Grossmont Center

Grossmont Center is more than a mall. Yes, you can shop, have a nice meal, and go to a movie. But people come to Grossmont Center for the feeling of community. The Center is welcoming to everyone, and the beautiful outdoor setting entices visitors to come and spend quality time here. We also are proud to host a full year-round calendar of special events, many of which are cherished community traditions that draw people from all over La Mesa.

Grossmont Center extends that same warm welcome to our tenants. We open our doors to organizations that offer valuable community services. People come for connection, to learn and grow spiritually and mentally, to become the best possible version of themselves.

Community Services in La Mesa and San Diego

Mature adults can truly make their “golden” years shine when they stay active by pursuing new hobbies or interests. The perfect place to do that is Oasis Lifelong Learning Center at Grossmont Center.

San Diego Oasis does incredible work in serving local older adults and providing valuable community services. The Lifelong Learning Center, along with the Oasis Wellness Center, offers more than 2,000 classes that cover just about any topic you could think of. This amazing hub of learning can teach participants about foreign languages, economics, creative writing, painting, history, and current events. The body is exercised as well as the mind: Fitness classes help older adults stay active with sessions on chair yoga, tai chi, balance, dance, and other exercise programs. It is like a community center in the midst of Grossmont Center!

One of the most important benefits participants get at the center is the opportunity to develop a healthy social network with other like-minded adults at a similar life stage. These relationships are fostered during classes, as well as during walking tours, excursions, special events, and day trips that older adults can sign up for. Some people also find great fulfillment in volunteer work during their later years, and Oasis Lifelong Learning Center offers adults the chance to tutor at-risk elementary school students for a wonderful cross-generational experience. The goal at Oasis Lifelong Learning Center is to help seniors be engaged and actively involved in the world around them, and it is a goal at which this community center succeeds handsomely.

Religious Services in La Mesa and San Diego

God can be anywhere and everywhere, even at a multiplex. One Church hosts Sunday services in Reading Cinema at Grossmont Center.

Billed as “a church for the people of San Diego,” this religious center was founded by David and Cristina Ordaz, who moved here from Tijuana. Their mission, according to the church website, is to help people break down the barriers that prevent them from fully becoming one with God; once that happens, lives will be transformed, and the love of Jesus can be shared throughout San Diego. In addition to the Sunday services at Grossmont Center, One Church also organizes small group meetings in members’ homes and seasonal classes on various spiritual topics.

These community and religious centers add something special to Grossmont Center. Our community services create a spirit here unlike any other, one that encourages fellowship not just during dinner out with family members, but also during a day trip to a museum with friends from Italian-language class or singing worship songs in church. Come join the community at Grossmont Center!

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