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5500 Grossmont Center Drive, California, USA 91942

Touch-Tel Wireless provides whatever you need for your mobile device. If you have to fix a cracked screen, get a new battery, or pick up a pair of wireless headphones, you can do it all here. The shop is known for its extensive repair services, which includes fixing speakers, broken screens, microphones, cameras, charging ports, and much more. Touch-Tel Wireless can also handle significant jobs such as water damage repair or restoring devices after a system failure. All repairs are done as promptly as possible, so customers aren’t without their devices for long. Touch-Tel Wireless also stocks a vast selection of mobile accessories, including car mounts, screen protectors, and phone cases. This family-owned business aims to provide reliable, friendly service to keep customers connected on devices that are in prime condition.

Phone: (619) 644-1871

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