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5500 Grossmont Center Drive, California, USA 91942

Eyebrow shaping is an art! It’s one that needs to be practiced precisely to get flawless results. Super Brows expertly uses the ancient craft of threading, which removes individual hairs at the follicle with a thin cotton thread, to give you eyebrows that beautifully frame your face. At Super Brows, threading is gentle, effective, and affordable. The salon offers eyebrow shaping and arching as well as touchups for maintenance. The intricate threading procedure shapes brows one hair at a time, offering total control over the process. There is also a wide range of threading services for other areas of the face and neck, such as the upper lip, forehead, or chin, as well as full-face threading. Even the smallest hairs, such as peach fuzz on the chin or brow regrowth, can be removed effectively with threading. The process is quick—generally less than 10 minutes—and practically painless. The salon’s brow technicians are masters at their craft and they truly listen to each client’s wishes and concerns so they can perfectly tame their brows. Exceptional customer service in a clean and professional setting makes Super Brows the go-to spot for clients from all over San Diego County.

Phone: (619) 589-0732

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