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5485 Grossmont Center Drive La Mesa,, California, USA 91942

The Grossmont Family Pet Store

Your pet deserves the best, which means shopping at Kahoots Pet Store. You can find just about everything you need for dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, fish, or small animals such as bunnies or guinea pigs. The dedicated and knowledgeable staff takes the time to talk with customers about their pets, so they can answer questions and make product recommendations. This creates a warm and caring atmosphere, unlike at any other pet store. Kahoots is well known for its in-house brand of food for all types of pets. The food is made with quality ingredients and is nutritious, affordable, and tasty for pets. Kahoots also carries a wide variety of pet supplies and offers services such as dog training, vaccinations, and pet dental cleaning.

Why Shop at KAHOOTS?

  • Wholesome Country Heritage

    Our customers tell us that they just feel so darn’ comfortable at KAHOOTS!
    We tell them that our roots are on the ranch, so we just try to bring a little country
    flavor to each of our stores. Come on in, say, “Howdy”, and tell us what you think!

  • Thoughtfully-Made Kahoots Products

    We love offering our customers ridiculously playful and nutritiously scrumptious products
    that enhance the relationship between owner and pet. So much so, that we made it our
    mission to create our very own line of simply amazing KAHOOTS products!

  • Everything for Animals From Backyard to Barn

    That’s right! KAHOOTS has something for all – from hamster to horse, cat to cow,
    backyard to barn. Need some food for your fish, a toy for your terrier, or hay
    for your horse? Look no further than your friendly neighborhood KAHOOTS store!


Phone: (619) 463-2012

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