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5500 Grossmont Center Drive, California, USA 91942

This sweet shop definitely lives up to its name, with candies in every color of the rainbow, luscious gourmet chocolates and other treats ranging from gumballs to Japanese delicacies. This locally owned shop is self-serve; customers fill their bag from the many bins of sweets and payment is calculated by the weight of the bagged candy. Candies can be mixed and matched to create a custom bag of confections perfectly matched to a customer’s sweet tooth. Candy Paradise is well-known for its vast array of treats. It carries more than 50 flavors of Jelly Belly jelly beans, the largest of its kind in San Diego. It also has the county’s largest selections of sugar-free chocolates and gummy candies. Other goodies include M&Ms in various hues, salt water taffy, several varieties of licorice flavors, and candy in novelty shapes such as orange slices or rocks. The shop also sells craft sodas, coffee, Icees, and other hot and cold drinks. Candy Paradise also sells candy in bulk for special events, as well as containers such as apothecary jars to hold the sweets, and leis can be made from candy or gumballs for occasions such as birthdays, showers, or graduations.



Phone: (619) 466-8118


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