Shop Local San Diego Businesses at Grossmont Center

There is no better place to shop local in San Diego than at Grossmont Center. We are honored to be the home to dozens of amazing, locally owned businesses that provide a wide array of unique goods and specialty services. When you shop local at the Center, you are doing more than simply making a purchase. You support dedicated entrepreneurs who work tirelessly to provide an exceptional customer experience. You contribute to a healthy and abundant local economy. You help maintain La Mesa’s thriving community character. Your choices as a consumer matter, and shopping locally at Grossmont Center is one of the best choices you can make.

For Fish Tacos and More, Rubio’s® Coastal Grill is a Real Catch

For many people, a fish taco is one of life’s true culinary pleasures. Perfectly seasoned fresh fish is grilled or breaded and fried, then topped with crunchy, cool cabbage and a piquant sauce before being wrapped up in a tasty tortilla. It used to be that to get an authentic fish taco, you had to – read more

Men’s Wearhouse® Stocks All Things Stylish

As the saying goes, “Clothes make the man”—and at Men’s Wearhouse®, clothes make the man look spectacular. This full-service store at Grossmont Center has everything you need to fill your closet with men’s apparel suitable for work and play. “We carry classic items such as suits and sport coats that are always fashionable, as well – read more

Get Moving—and Get Results—at 24 Hour Fitness

What is your fitness goal? Do you want to lose weight? Are you training for your first half marathon? Do you want to increase your bench press weight, or cut your risk for diabetes and heart disease? Whatever your workout goal is, you can get the results you want at 24 Hour Fitness—and have a – read more

Panera Menu Aims to be the Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread

There is a good reason why the word “bread” is highlighted in Panera Bread’s name, and it is clearly evident when you visit the Grossmont Center location of this popular bakery restaurant.  The display of delicious, fresh-baked loaves tempts you as soon as you enter. The sheer variety is mouthwatering: unique flavors such as Tomato – read more

Visiting See’s Candies is Always a Treat

For many people, a trip to Grossmont Center isn’t complete without a stop at See’s Candies. Everything about See’s is timeless: the store’s distinctive black-and-white color scheme, the crisp white uniforms worn by the friendly sales associates, and the glass cases holding the delicious confections that have made See’s one of the most beloved chocolate – read more

Why Just About Everyone Loves Trader Joe’s

Quick, name your favorite product from Trader Joe’s: Mandarin Orange Chicken? Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups? Cauliflower Gnocchi? Everything But the Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend? If you are like most TJ’s shoppers, you probably can’t limit yourself to just one favorite! This grocery store chain has earned a passionately loyal following for its signature combination – read more

Ready Player One—GameStop Has Everything You Need to Level Up

Gamers, rise up! That’s a popular meme, but it could also be the call to put down the controller and get to GameStop at Grossmont Center, where the latest games are waiting to be played. The video game store also has gear, accessories, and lots of related collectibles, as well as its popular trade-in and – read more

Shoes Shine at Famous Footwear

Famous Footwear at Grossmont Center is one of those rare shoe stores where the wide variety of choices allows anyone to put their best foot forward. Dress shoes to go with a new suit, a pair of pumps for a special occasion, the hottest sneakers for teens heading to school, slip-on shoes for kids who – read more

Find Great Coffee, and Great Company, at Starbucks®

For many coffee lovers, that all-important first cup of joe can set the tone for the rest of their day. You may wake up feeling sluggish or stressed about a meeting or deadline coming up. But that first sip of your favorite coffee, made just the way you like it, evaporates your worries and leaves – read more

Say “I Do” to Stylish Wedding Dresses at David’s Bridal™

You have dreamed of how beautiful you would look walking down the aisle, but finding the perfect wedding dress can be a nightmare if you spend countless hours trying on one disappointing gown after another. David’s Bridal at Grossmont Center makes wedding dress shopping fun and exciting, with expert stylists ready to guide and assist – read more

Walmart Welcomes Shoppers with Great Deals on Just About Everything

For years, Walmart has positioned itself as the store for everybody. The two-story Grossmont Center location has employees who are welcoming and is a place where the shelves are filled with everything you need for daily life, making shopping convenient and simple. The store bustles with a mix of young and old people, both customers – read more

Girls Get Their First Taste of Fashion at Claire’s

For most girls, shopping at Claire’s is a rite of passage. Stop by the Grossmont Center location, and you will see youngsters, feeling a mix of excitement and nerves, getting their ears pierced for the first time as their mothers watch. Meanwhile, preteens are picking out a fun lip gloss and “BFF” necklaces to share, – read more

Grossmont Center Target Hits a Bullseye with Customers

One of the latest ad campaigns for Target is “Target Run and Done.” That perfectly encapsulates the experience of shopping at the retail giant, which has turned the notion of the traditional department store on its head and offers just about anything you could possibly ever need under one roof. Groceries? Done. Office supplies? Done. – read more

Cost Plus World Market is Your Passport to International Home Decor Style

You can go globe-hopping to find beautiful items to decorate your home or to give as gifts without ever leaving the country—or even La Mesa, for that matter—when you shop at Cost Plus World Market in Grossmont Center. The exotic goods range from seagrass tote baskets woven in Indonesia to delicately scented soaps finely milled – read more

Make Your House a Home at Restoration Hardware Outlet

Sleek, stylish, sophisticated. Those three words aptly describe the Restoration Hardware aesthetic. It is a go-to brand for anyone looking for timeless elegance in the design of their home furnishings. At Restoration Hardware, the high quality of the goods normally calls for a high price, but for Grossmont Center shoppers, there are terrific deals in – read more

Dig Into Deliciousness at Claim Jumper

If you are craving a hearty and satisfying meal, something classic such as a comforting Chicken Pot Pie or a juicy Ribeye Steak, then settle in at Claim Jumper. The Grossmont Center restaurant has made its name for generous portions and a wide-ranging menu that has something for everyone. It is a perfect place for – read more

Get the Full Story on Barnes & Noble®

Clear your calendar If you plan on shopping at Barnes & Noble® at Grossmont Center. This store is such a treasure trove of books, toys, gifts, and so much more that you could easily spend hours browsing the shelves and making amazing discoveries! Barnes & Noble® has a long and illustrious history in the book – read more

Bath & Body Works Is a Feast for the Senses

Shopping at Bath & Body Works® in Grossmont Center is a pleasurable multi-sensory experience unlike any other store. The chain has cultivated a devoted customer base with an amazing array of scents and products—and fantastic deals that make it easy to stock up on candles, soaps, room sprays, body lotions, and much more. You can – read more

Satisfy Your Burger Craving at Fuddruckers®

You can find hamburgers at hundreds of restaurants. But finding a fantastic burger? Well, that can be more challenging. Crafting a delicious, mouthwatering burger is an art, and it is an art that has been perfected at Fuddruckers® at Grossmont Center. After you eat here, you will understand why the slogan is “World’s Greatest Hamburgers®.” – read more

Kids are the Stars at Chuck E. Cheese’s

For kids in La Mesa, a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese’s is a rite of passage—either they have attended a party or celebrated their own birthday there. That is because the lively pizza place at Grossmont Center is renowned for its birthday extravaganzas. Kids can romp around the bustling arcade, playing the latest video – read more

Show Team Spirit at Sports Corner

When you put on your favorite team’s jersey or T-shirt, it is like wearing your heart on your sleeve. Sports fandom can be passionate and intense, and when you have team gear on, you are telling everyone something important about yourself. In San Diego, you can see a lot of hats, tees, and other apparel – read more

Evans Tire Keeps You Rolling

You are in a hurry—to get to work, to pick up the kids—when suddenly you hear a pop, followed by a thunk-thunk-thunk. You know what those dreaded sounds mean: You have a flat tire. You need to get that tire fixed and get back on the road fast. Your best bet is to go to – read more

Tasty Inn Express Serves Up Chinese Comfort Food

If you are looking for a meal that will fill your belly and your soul, visit Tasty Inn Express, where the specialty is Chinese comfort food made with care. This Grossmont Center food court restaurant has developed a fan base for its extensive menu of classic Chinese dishes, several of which are made to order – read more

Soup’s On at Pholicious

Pholicious lives up to its name! This restaurant in the Grossmont Center food court serves aromatic, steaming hot bowls of pho, the mouthwatering Vietnamese rice noodle soup. It comes in a variety of flavors, including beef, chicken, fish balls, shrimp, veggie, and more. The menu also offers other savory options, such as spring rolls, egg – read more

Feel Like Royalty at Palace Herbal Spa

Does your body feel like a parched piece of land, one where your streams of energy have dried up because they are blocked? Pay a restorative visit to Palace Herbal Spa at Grossmont Center. Come to experience massages, grounded in Chinese medicine principles, that aim to have your energy flowing freely again, so you feel – read more

Take a Delicious Trip to Mexico Via Vallarta Express

You have a craving for Mexican food—the only problem is, it’s past midnight. While you may think you’re out of luck, you can find delicious satisfaction at Vallarta Express, where a wide-ranging menu of Mexican favorites is served around the clock. This 24-hour eatery at Grossmont Center is well known for generous portions of its – read more

FroYo for Everyone at Tutti Frutti

When you are in the mood for frozen yogurt, head to Grossmont Center and go straight to Tutti Frutti. The incredible variety of delicious flavors and toppings allows you to create a cool and creamy treat that is sure to satisfy your craving! “Customers love coming here because we have something for everyone,” says Manager – read more

Savor Fresh (Fruit) Mex at Fruteria Don Chamango

If you have ever had a Chamango on a hot day, you know that it is an incomparable taste sensation. This icy, blended drink features succulent mango as its star, with a spicy supporting cast that includes lime, tamarind, and traditional Mexican chamoy and tajin flavors. This delicious drink is a staple Mexican treat and – read more

Find Your Strength at Chuze Fitness

If you have decided that this is the month you will start getting into shape, Chuze Fitness will make sure you meet your goal. That is because this gym does not give you any excuses for skipping a workout. It is conveniently located at Grossmont Center with plenty of parking, has a terrific selection of – read more

Love Your Pet? Then You Will Love Kahoots

Your pet is a cherished member of your family, so it’s just a given that Kahoots Pet Store treats you like a member of their family. The Grossmont Center store earns praise from local pet owners for the sheer variety of products filling the shelves, the knowledgeable service, and, perhaps most importantly, the genuinely warm – read more

Boyd Anderson Photography Creates Picture-Perfect Life Moments

“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.”–Andy Warhol We treasure photos because they forever capture an instant in time. Our children may be grown (and even have children of their own) but their baby photos immediately take us back. We can remember exactly what – read more

Be Best Tressed at Fantastic Sams®

Every community should have an all-purpose hair salon. It is a place where everyone can go to get their hair done. Men run in for a quick trim with clippers or women get a touch-up on their color. Families come in, and everyone can get a haircut at the same time for the ultimate convenience. – read more

Stay Connected at Touch-Tel Wireless

It can happen in a flash. You are scrolling through emails or Instagram on your phone and suddenly you trip. Your phone plummets to the ground and you hear that dreaded crunch of glass. You pick up the phone and, sure enough, it is seriously cracked. You need to find a repair place that can – read more

Clothes Make the Man at Friar Tux

When it comes to men’s formalwear, you are no longer limited to a basic black tux. Numerous fashionable options make men look sharp and distinguished while still allowing them to put their own style stamp on an outfit. Anything goes from a natty pair of patterned socks to a bright coral-colored dinner jacket. That is – read more

No Bad Hair Days at Exclusive Skin & Hair

Everyone has had a bad hair day at least once in their lives. Perhaps you have unruly curls that are almost impossible to detangle, or you have fine hair that doesn’t hold a style. Maybe you have dry, brittle strands that are a result of years of intense dye jobs or sun exposure. If you – read more

Learn About a New Culture at Hiva Katoa Polynesian Dance Studio

There is nothing like watching a Polynesian dance performance. Dancers in colorful and elaborate costumes undulate their hips and gracefully sway their arms while musicians play a propulsively rhythmic beat. It creates an almost hypnotic effect that draws you in and leaves you breathless. Dance as storytelling has been an integral part of Polynesian culture – read more

Let Perfume Flora Intoxicate Your Senses

“Happiness held is the seed; happiness shared is the flower.”—writer John Harrigan Joy blossoms when you give someone a bouquet of beautiful flowers. Romantic roses, exotic orchids, graceful lilies—flowers have a way of expressing emotions above and beyond what mere words can say. If you want to say something with flowers, the best place to – read more

Find the Recipe for a New Career at National Culinary School

If you feel stuck in your job, transform your dead-end career into a delicious one at the National Culinary School at Grossmont Center. You will gain the skills and knowledge you need to launch yourself into the exciting world of the culinary arts! “Our goal is to help our students develop their passion for cooking – read more

Dig Into Marvelous Mexican Food at Momentos Café

For many people, discovering Momentos Café is like hitting the culinary jackpot. Some restaurants offer delicious food, but at extravagant prices, while others may be cheaper but the food is not up to your expectations. At Momentos, you get fantastic, authentic Mexican food at affordable prices, plus terrific service in an inviting setting as well. – read more

At California Bank & Trust, Your Money Matters—and So Do You

If your banking experience is limited to trips to the ATM or waiting in long lines to see a teller, then you are doing it wrong. Banking, when done right, can transform the way you look at money. Imagine working with a professional banker who knows your name, and your financial goals, too. Picture a – read more

Delicious Aloha Spirit at Maui Express

Regional cuisines develop when migrants settling in an area bring their own culinary traditions to their new homeland. When settlers come from many different places, these traditions are thrown into a melting pot and stirred well until they are blended into something entirely new. The result becomes a signature cuisine that tastes unmistakably of a – read more

Get a Taste of the Mediterranean at Greek Gyros

One bite of Greek food and you can feel instantly transported to a magical island of sun-drenched cobalt blue seas and bright white villas. You may not be able to jet off to Greece at a moment’s notice, but you can enjoy the country’s delicious and healthy cuisine anytime at Greek Gyros right here at – read more

Comics-N-Stuff is a Pop Culture Paradise

It used to be that comic books were a small niche in the pop culture landscape. With the explosion of popularity in Marvel and DC comics—and their blockbuster movies and TV shows—comics have gone mainstream. In fact, geek has become practically chic, as devoted fandoms have sprung up around comics, as well as movies, TV – read more

It Is the Right Time for Sun Time

Accessories elevate your style and can help you take your outfit to the next level. The right watch can make a statement, while the perfect pair of sunglasses can add just the right amount of cool. You want to find something that reflects your taste and individuality, and Sun Time makes that task simple with – read more

Burgers, Fish & Fries: The Name Says It All

If you think burgers are juicy and delicious and fish and chips are crunchy and irresistible, meet your new BFF: Burgers, Fish & Fries. This restaurant in the Grossmont Center food court specializes in those dishes, plus many more. It is a great place to stop in and satisfy your craving for fish or burgers—or, – read more

San Diego Oasis Is a Perfect Life Vision for Older Adults

It is a golden era for living out your golden years. Americans are living longer than ever, and for many older adults, it is a time of life that is filled with great vibrancy and vitality. The perfect example of this can be found at Grossmont Center, where San Diego Oasis helps mature adults stay – read more

Unleash Your Creativity at CeramiCafe

Discover your inner artist at CeramiCafe, where masterpieces are created every day out of pottery and paint. Open at Grossmont Center since 2000, CeramiCafe “attracts all types of people who enjoy doing something crafty,” says Manager Rob “It is a great way to clear the mind in a relaxing environment.” CeramiCafe is an inviting paint-your-own – read more

Come Join the Fun at The Playground

As parents, we all have those days. The days when the kids are tired of playing with their toys, the craft closet is low on supplies, and you hear the two words a parent dreads: “I’m bored.” Those are the days when a visit to The Playground will make everyone happy. The Playground is a – read more

Savory Sandwiches are Submarina’s Specialty

A sandwich may seem like a humble food, but with the right high-quality ingredients, it can be elevated to a mouthwatering gourmet delicacy. This art of sandwich making is on full display at Submarina® in Grossmont Center. With freshly baked bread, hand-sliced premium meats, delicious cheeses, and local produce, you have all the ingredients needed – read more

Mission Federal Credit Union Invests in the Community

We talk a lot about shopping local at Grossmont Center, but for now, we want to focus on banking local. The best place to do that is at Mission Federal Credit Union. Mission Fed is beloved by its customers–better known as members–for its comprehensive array of financial services and its friendly, knowledgeable staff. Founded in – read more

You Can See Clearly Now at Grossmont Vision Center Optometry

If you are looking for an eye health specialist who is extraordinarily caring and capable, who takes the time to thoroughly examine patients and educate them on eye care, then set your sights on Kevin M. Riggs, O.D. at Grossmont Vision Center Optometry. Dr. Riggs has been a practicing optometrist in California since 1986 and – read more

Discover the Treasures in Store at Handmade Market

Every time you enter Handmade Market, it seems like a treasure hunt is about to unfold. Hand-painted decorative signs hang on the walls. Shelves hold treasures big and small, with everything from potted succulents to Edison lamps to jewelry displays. Cigar boxes have been transformed into unusual works of art. The drawers of an intricately – read more

Make An Impression with Engraving Pros

When you give someone a gift, you want it to be special. One of the best ways to do that is to add a personal touch, which is easy with Engraving Pros. This Grossmont Center business has decades of experience in engraving—and for one-stop shopping, you can even buy the gift there, too! In addition – read more

Get on Track at the Grossmont Central Railroad

All aboard for an up-close look at the Grossmont Central Railroad! This spectacular, one-of-a-kind model train display has been delighting visitors of all ages since it debuted at Grossmont Center in 2015. “We are the only interactive, public model railroad display in East County,” says Mike Forys, president of the San Diego S-Gaugers Model Train – read more

The Eyes Have It at Super Brows

Eyebrows are the frame of the face, which is why it is so important that they look their best. Creating a pronounced arch or thinning a brow can alter your entire appearance. However, changing your eyebrows is easier said than done—one wrong move and you can end up with an over-plucked or misshapen brow. That – read more

Xpress Cellular Has You—and Your Phone—Covered

In our high-tech, highly connected world, smartphone covers are a must-have accessory. They are necessary to help keep your phone from breaking, of course, but they go beyond mere functionality. Your cell phone cover can actually say a lot about you. It tells people that you root for a particular sports team or that you – read more

Personalize Your Style at Masry Custom T-Shirt

It’s said you can wear your heart on your sleeve, but actually, you can wear it on your shirt too! At Masry Custom T-Shirt at Grossmont Center, you can get personalized clothing emblazoned with an image of your family, your pet, or your best friend, or just about anything else you can dream up. This – read more

Delicious Italian Food Is on the Menu at Dante’s Pizza

Dante’s Pizza has been a popular fixture at the Grossmont Center food court for years, and for good reason. The eatery is well-known for its savory and scrumptious Italian food, generous portions, affordable prices, and friendly service. “We have customers who always stop by when they are at the Center so they can get a – read more

Create a Precious Memory at Jewelry Loft

Jewelry Loft is the kind of place you discover while dashing in to get a watch battery replaced. The next thing you know, you are taking in your rings to be cleaned or possibly resized, and even invest in some new pieces for your jewelry collection. Customers have intense loyalty  for this Grossmont Center store, – read more

Get on Your Feet at Dance Dayz Studio

At Grossmont Center, we enjoy helping people make their entrepreneurial dreams come true by opening their businesses here. One of those people is Nadia Gewarges. This talented and experienced dance teacher had a mobile-based business, driving all over the community holding short classes at many different locations. All the while, she envisioned a large studio – read more

Find the Luck of the Irish at Hooleys Public House

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Villa’s Mexican Food Offers a Taste of Home

Sometimes you just crave a home-cooked meal—but after a busy day, the last thing you want to do is slave over a hot stove. Lucky for you, there’s delicious food prepared by hand and tastes just like homemade at Villa’s Mexican Food. This family-owned food court eatery features a kitchen manned by experienced cooks who – read more

Wetzel’s Puts a Tasty Twist on Pretzels

It is easy to find the Wetzel’s Pretzels shop at Grossmont Center—simply follow the delicious, buttery aroma of freshly baked dough. That mouthwatering scent means another batch of made-from-scratch pretzels is in the oven. The question isn’t, “Will you order a pretzel?” but rather, “What kind of pretzel will you order?” They are irresistible! Wetzel’s – read more

Add Some Sparkle to Your Life at Daniel’s Jewelers

Daniel’s Jewelers is a “shop local” success story. In 1948, Joe Sherwood realized his dream of opening his own jewelry store in a small California town. With high-quality merchandise and equally superb customer service, Joe grew his business over the years. Today the Sherwood family makes diamond dreams come true at over 100 stores throughout – read more

San Diego Time Zone Watches Out for You

In our fast-paced world where time is of the essence, watchmaking and watch repair is a timeless art. It takes painstaking attention to detail and a thorough knowledge of how a timepiece works, as well as a commitment to uncompromising quality. There aren’t many master craftsmen in San Diego who can do this work, but – read more

Say Yes to the Dress at PreVue Bridal

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Strengthen Your Body and Mind at Othentik Gym

Career, family, relationships, running a home or running a business (or both)— some people are used to doing it all. In order to do it all, though, they need to be strong! At Othentik Gym located in the Grossmont Center both women and men alike can build and hone their strength. The gym’s innovative format, – read more

Candy Pros Satisfies Everyone’s Sweet Tooth

You may be a parent looking to fill the gift bags for your child’s big birthday party. Or you’re the office manager whose desktop bowl of sweets is running low thanks to snacking coworkers. Or you’re a teacher stocking up on classroom sweet treats, or perhaps a wedding planner or bride planning a lavish candy – read more

Make a Quick Getaway to Avia Salon & Day Spa

Everyone needs a little time away, a break from the day-to-day grind, to indulge in some much-needed self-care. Even if it’s only for an hour, that time is a valuable opportunity to get recharged and re-energized. Day spas are the ideal place to answer and respond to your mind and body’s call for a time – read more

Go for the Glam at Lionesse Beauty Bar

You’ve noticed lately that your skin looks dull and tired, that you’ve lost that special glow. You need a skin fix, but you’re not ready or willing to undergo surgery or try injectables. You’ll need a skin care line that can rejuvenate you, and you want to make sure you are investing in top-of-the-line, luxurious – read more

Girls are Best Dressed at Samantha’s Children’s Boutique

Tutus, unicorns, princesses, bows, sparkles, rainbow colors—for little girls, these are a few of their favorite things and they can all be found at Samantha’s Children’s Boutique. Since 2017, this Grossmont Center store has been operated by the mother-daughter duo of Maria and Claudia Sotelo. Mom Maria owns the business while Claudia handles the day-to-day – read more

Have Your Nails Done in Paradise!

When you’re looking for the perfect nail salon, create a must-have check list. You want a place that is clean and sanitary, offers a wide variety of services, carries every nail color you could dream of, has friendly and experienced nail technicians and is conveniently located. That ideal salon actually exists, and you can find – read more

Put Your Best Foot Forward with Gino’s Wide Shoes & Shoe Repair

So, you’ve got a favorite pair of shoes that you absolutely love. And because you love your shoes, that means you wear them a lot—and if you wear them a lot, that means they’re probably starting to look and become run down. The heel saver falls off, the sole begins to wear thin in places – read more

Shopping Local Gives You Free Rein to Look Fashionable

For Heather Howe, the most important part of being a local business owner is taking excellent care of her clients. “If you don’t live and breathe customer service you may as well close your doors,” she says. When you shop local, you get that kind of special personalized attention—and with Howe, you also get a – read more

Get Gorgeous at Empire Beauty Supply

For more than 25 years, the Goldmans have been making La Mesa beautiful in their own special way. They run Empire Beauty Supply, at Grossmont Center, a “shop local” mecca for everything you need to get gorgeous. You can find it all here and much more, in the vast array of hair, skin and nail – read more

You’ll Tumble for San Diego Gymnastics!

Do you have a child who’s flipping over for gymnastics? One of Grossmont Center’s newest tenants is San Diego Gymnastics, which emphasizes the basic fundamentals, and also the fun gymnastics has to offer children of all ages from toddlers to teens. San Diego Gymnastics has been in business for 10 years and is a well – read more

Live the Sweet Life at Candy Paradise

For anyone with a sweet tooth, Candy Paradise absolutely lives up to its name. This locally owned mom-and-pop shop has a dizzying array of confections that is unlike any other candy store around. Japanese sweets, sugar-free chocolates, gumballs—they’re all here, along with much, much more. Whatever kind of candy is your favorite, there is definitely – read more

PreVue Formal & Bridal

There are those special occasions—the moments you remember for the rest of your life—when you not only want a beautiful dress, you want the right dress. You want something that will enhance your beauty, showcase your best features and make you look and feel like a queen. It will be a gown seemingly made especially – read more

Go with the Flow at SD Yoga Center

Whether you have built up a yoga practice over several years or you’re a first-timer who doesn’t know your asanas from your savasanas, you can find a home at SD Yoga Center. It is an inclusive community where you’ll receive caring support from the instructors and staff members, and also from fellow yoga students as – read more

Nails are an Art at Spa & Co

Having your nails professionally done is one of life’s fun indulgences – it’s also healthy self-care and the bonus is your hands and feet will look fabulous! At Spa & Co, a locally owned nail salon at Grossmont Center since 2012, you can now take your luxurious mani and pedi experience to a whole new – read more

Kids Hair Salon, Making Haircuts Fun

If you want to find a great example of a well-established mom-and-pop shop, look no further than Kids Hair Salon, which has been making haircuts fun for kids at Grossmont Center since 1986.   Back then, it was located where Pier 1 is now and it was called Heaven to Seven, Kids Hair Salon. There was a small children’s boutique in the front and a two-station hair – read more

Elam’s Hallmark, Perfect for Any Occasion

It can be tricky business finding the right gift for someone. After all, anyone can grab something off a store shelf and stick it in a gift bag, but picking out a present with care and thoughtfulness, that will be meaningful to the recipient, is a different story. The same is true when selecting a greeting – read more

A Legendary Fiesta: Casa de Pico’s 45+ Year History in San Diego

Casa de Pico has been La Mesa’s ultimate Mexican dining experience and a Grossmont Center landmark for the last 13 years. Synonymous with all things “fiesta,” this local legend is known for its award-winning recipes, giant “birdbath” margaritas, and vibrant ambiance. The restaurant also has a rich history in San Diego, dating back more than 45 years. Read on to learn more – read more

There is no better place to shop local in San Diego than at Grossmont Center. We are honored to be the home to dozens of amazing, locally owned businesses that provide a wide array of unique goods and specialty services. When you shop local at the Center, you are doing more than simply making a purchase. You support dedicated entrepreneurs who work tirelessly to provide an exceptional customer experience. You contribute to a healthy and abundant local economy. You help maintain La Mesa’s thriving community character. Your choices as a consumer matter, and shopping locally at Grossmont Center is one of the best choices you can make.

Locally Owned Stores in San Diego

Our local tenants spend countless hours running their businesses. Very often, they are the ones who will take your order, answer your questions or ring up sales at the cash register. Their hands-on efforts result in unparalleled customer service. These owners truly get to know you—it is a valued relationship, not just a business transaction.

Economic Impact of Local Businesses in La Mesa

Shopping local also has a dramatic effect on the community at large. At the Center, our tenants boost the economy. They choose to operate their businesses in La Mesa, create jobs, partner with local vendors and suppliers, and generate sales tax for the city. They bring tremendous value. Grossmont Center accounts for an enormous 25 percent of La Mesa’s sales tax revenue, money that can be earmarked for repairing roads, maintaining parks, or funding other crucial municipal projects. Our locally owned tenants play a significant role in making that possible.

We like to say that Grossmont Center is more than just a mall. That is because our locally owned stores, restaurants and service providers offer a fantastic shopping experience you can’t get anywhere else. The Center and its diligent independent entrepreneurs help give La Mesa its distinctive community character. Come experience what it’s like to shop local at Grossmont Center.