You savored the Thanksgiving feast. You indulged in the buffet table at holiday parties and the candies and cookies given as gifts by friends, neighbors, and coworkers. As you prepare to raise a glass of Champagne on New Year’s Eve, you know it is time to get back on track. Of course, anyone can make a New Year’s resolution to get fit and feel good, but how many people actually keep that resolution into February? In 2019, you can be one of those people who achieve their goal into February and beyond with the help of Grossmont Center.

The Center offers plenty of opportunities for you to improve your health and fitness. One of the most important ways to do that is to exercise regularly. If you are a fitness novice or it has been a while since your last workout, start out with a realistic and attainable goal. Walking is a fantastic (and simple) way to building up your cardiovascular health. Grossmont Center provides free walking maps with step counts that are available at our information booths. Pick up a map and enjoy an evenly-paced walk around our lovely outdoor mall. Don’t want to go at it alone? Join the fun with the Grossmont Center Mall Walkers, which offers group outings at 8 and 9 a.m. on Saturdays.

We are also here for you if you are ready to turn your workouts up a notch. The Center is home to a diverse selection of fitness centers. Check out 24 Hour Fitness or Chuze Fitness if you are looking for a gym that has a little bit of everything. With a wide range of classes, cardio machines, and strength-training equipment, you can try out different exercise routines and see which one suits you best. If you want a personalized, progressive fitness program focused on calorie-torching activities such as boxing, martial arts, and Pilates, Othentik Gym may be a great option. Here, instructors serve as mentors in small group classes that follow the gym’s unique 3,5,7 Program format designed to increase both mental and physical strength.

Perhaps you want to focus on a particular form of exercise. Yoga is always a popular choice because it builds strength, flexibility, balance, and healthy joints—plus it is a valuable chance to practice deep relaxation. San Diego Yoga Center is renowned in the La Mesa community for its hot yoga classes, and the studio has expanded its roster to include non-heated classes, too. This yoga hot spot is an ideal place to build your practice, thanks to a lineup of experienced and helpful instructors who excel at working with everyone from beginners to advanced yogis. If you still need another incentive to try a class, ask about special introductory rates for newcomers to try out the studio.

Kick up your heels and head over to Dance Dayz Studio for a lively cardio routine. Enjoy the freedom and joy of moving to the music at the adult dance classes. High-energy hip hop sessions invite novice and experienced dancers. Check out tap dancing for all levels, and the terrific Girls Just Wanna Have Fun classes that combine gentle yoga poses, light cardio dancing, and stretches.

Exercise, of course, is only one part of becoming a healthier you. A balanced diet focused on whole foods is also important. Make a point of buying more produce, lean protein, and other good-for-you foods when you grocery shop. You’ll find plenty of tasty options at Trader Joe’s; Target and Walmart also have market sections. Here you’ll find the kitchen tools and appliances you need to cook healthy and flavorful meals. If you need probiotics, vitamins, protein powders, or other supplements that will help you meet your nutritional goals, check out Vitamin Shoppe and its wide selection of brands and products.

Make 2019 the year that your resolution sticks. Find that new and improved you at Grossmont Center. We’re more than a mall!

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