Get Moving—and Get Results—at 24 Hour Fitness

What is your fitness goal? Do you want to lose weight? Are you training for your first half marathon? Do you want to increase your bench press weight, or cut your risk for diabetes and heart disease? Whatever your workout goal is, you can get the results you want at 24 Hour Fitness—and have a blast doing it!

The Grossmont Center gym creates the perfect workout environment, offering variety, accountability, and flexibility. When it comes to exercise, there are countless options to choose from. Do you prefer a solo workout running on a treadmill, or do you crave the energy and camaraderie in a group exercise class? 24 Hour Fitness has everything you want in a gym.

“We want people to use their gym memberships. We make working out as attractive as possible so that people want to come here and enjoy exercising,” says General Manager Mike Pavent. “Members appreciate that we are open 24 hours a day, so they can exercise early in the morning before work or come late at night to blow off the stress of the day. Our fitness center also has a truly great selection of equipment and classes, allowing members to develop a well-balanced workout routine that encompasses cardio and strength training. And we provide it all in a friendly atmosphere with knowledgeable trainers and staffers who can help everyone maximize their workout and avoid injury at the same time.”

The fitness center is stocked with a terrific array of cardio machines, with everything from stationary cycles to ellipticals. Cardio helps you burn fat and calories; meanwhile, 24 Hour Fitness also stocks plenty of free weights so that you can create definition by building lean muscle mass. All of this equipment allows you to customize your fitness regimen to meet your personal goals.

Of course, some people want a more interactive workout where they can have a great time and still get sweaty. The gym is renowned for its GX24® group fitness classes. Scheduled throughout the day, every day, these classes are fantastic for staying in shape—and for getting to know other people in a friendly and fun atmosphere. There is something for everyone with these classes: yoga, Les Mills BODYPUMP™, World of Dance U-Jam®, Aqua, and so much more.

For anyone starting a new fitness routine, it can be intimidating trying to figure out where to begin. At 24 Hour Fitness, the process is simple with the help of personal trainers. Enthusiastic and skilled trainers work one-on-one with you to track your progress towards fitness goals and provide motivation and encouragement along the way. Training sessions can be scheduled at your convenience and can be held in a dedicated training area at the fitness center. 

24 Hour Fitness also offers an innovative group training option, which combines the tailored programs of personal training with the spirit of a fitness class—with a little friendly competition thrown in for good measure! Training Club 24™ features challenging team workouts; the Grossmont Center location offers the Ignite version of the program, where six to 20 participants tackle workouts focused on functional movements that build strength, flexibility, and endurance. 

Members can also reap the most benefits from their 24 Hour Fitness regimen with the gym’s 24GO® custom app. It is a simple and streamlined way to keep track of workouts, add classes to your calendar, get reminders, keep your trainers looped in on your schedule, and even access workouts that you can do on the days when you are away from the gym.

Those days are probably few and far between, though, as 24 Hour Fitness offers wonderful amenities that are a draw for members. The indoor lap pool is popular and a terrific workout option you can’t find at many other fitness centers. Parents of children ages 12 and younger can take advantage of the gym’s Kids’ Club, a clean and welcoming space where little ones are well taken care of while the adults get to exercise. There is also free WiFi and a pro shop. Plus, no workout is complete without a visit to the sauna, steam room, or whirlpool to wind down afterward. 24 Hour Fitness also cultivates a feeling of community by offering events and activities, such as the First Friday Free Active Aging classes. 

Several of those special events are free to the public, which is a wonderful way to experience all that 24 Hour Fitness has to offer. Another great opportunity: the three-day free trial period. If you do opt for a membership (and why wouldn’t you?), there are multiple packages available to fit any budget. 

Studies have shown that exercise boosts your mental and emotional health, not just your physical health. A good workout can put a smile on your face, especially when it is at 24 Hour Fitness. The staffers want your experience there to be a positive one that keeps you moving forward on the path towards a happier and healthier you!

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