Get Fit at Grossmont Center

Use our Walking Map to count your steps as you shop and journey around the mall!

Walking Map

Mom’s Power Hour Map

Get Fit at Grossmont Center

Discover one of the best places to get fit in San Diego! Get your steps in at Grossmont Center while you enjoy our beautiful outdoor setting in La Mesa.

Grossmont Center is more than just a mall—it’s a place where you can focus on your health and wellness, too. Whether it’s a yoga class, lifelong learning classes, a refreshing healthy meal or simply walking to boost your daily step count, Grossmont Center is a great place to get fit and stay fit.

Step up to the Challenge

It is so important to stay active for good health. Counting your daily steps is a great way to make sure you keep moving. You can meet your goals at Grossmont Center with our FREE walking maps available at the Guest Services booth located next to the food court. Each map entails various pre-planned walking paths ranging from 0.5 miles to 1.5 miles. The maps are a terrific way to track your progress as you walk around the Center; we even have Parking Signs that list step counts to various locations in the mall. If you are looking to get fit in La Mesa, lace up your walking shoes and head over to Grossmont Center!

Pick up your FREE walking map of Grossmont Center from the information booth.

Look for our Parking Signs to help you get your Steps in!

Grossmont Center Mall Walkers

Walking is an incredibly easy and fit form of exercise and a terrific way to help you stay healthy. At the center, you can go for a stroll or take a power walk around the beautiful outdoor setting and at the same time take advantage of the opportunity to get some errands done, too.

If you prefer company on your walk, the Grossmont Center Mall Walkers welcome you to join them at 8 a.m. and/or 9 a.m. on Saturdays. Offered through the Sharp Grossmont Senior Resource Center, this program is a fantastic way for participants to improve cardio health, strength and balance. There are also monthly social events with a health component, such as blood pressure checks and quarterly education speakers on a number of interesting wellness topics. The Mall Walkers set out on their weekly walks from the Food Court; to learn more, please call (619) 740-4214. Click here for the Mall Walkers monthly newsletter.

Free Mall Walking Maps

There are FREE walking maps with step counts available at the information booth and parking signs to help you track your walking fitness. The walking map offers routes that range from half-mile to 1.5 miles; the Mom’s Power Hour map traces light, medium and advanced paths throughout the center.

Mall Walking Routes

Our walking routes are geared towards every level of fitness, from beginning to advanced. The maps feature four routes color-coded by distance: half-mile, 1 mile, 1.42 miles, and 1.5 miles. Simply choose a route and get started, or combine different routes to create a longer walk. And if your chosen walking path takes you to one of your favorite stores, then you can get a little shopping done at the same time, too!

Mom’s Power Hour Map

In San Diego, stroller fitness is a popular way for moms to exercise while keeping their babies and toddlers in tow. Our Mom’s Power Hour Map is perfect for multitasking moms who want to get outside, enjoy a walk with their young children while working out, and even tackle some errands, too! This map is an easy way to find light, medium, and advanced routes around Grossmont Center. The advanced route even denotes spots that are ideal for squeezing in some lunges, squats, and other exercises. This map is also a great tool for moms groups who want to get together and get fit!

Grossmont Center Wellness

Grossmont Center is proud to be home to many businesses that promote a healthy lifestyle in La Mesa. Whatever kind of workout fits your lifestyle, you can find it at Grossmont Center, such as San Diego Yoga Center, Chuze Fitness, Othentik Gym, 24 Hour Fitness, Oasis or the Polynesian dance studio, Hiva Katoa.

After your workout, refuel your body with healthy food to keep you both fit and strong. Jamba Juice, Rubio’s Fish Tacos, Tutti Frutti and Submarina are among the fine eateries that offer health-conscious choices. You can also stock your pantry by shopping at Trader Joe’s and the Vitamin Shoppe.

At Grossmont Center, you can find everything you need to feel strong, balanced, and healthy. On your next visit, discover all that Grossmont Center has to offer to help you lead a vibrant life.