Xpress Cellular Has You—and Your Phone—Covered

In our high-tech, highly connected world, smartphone covers are a must-have accessory. They are necessary to help keep your phone from breaking, of course, but they go beyond mere functionality. Your cell phone cover can actually say a lot about you. It tells people that you root for a particular sports team or that you are a comic book fan. Glittery covers let you express your inner diva, while fanciful unicorns show your whimsical side. At Xpress Cellular in Grossmont Center, you are sure to find a phone cover that perfectly captures your personality!

Xpress Cellular has an incredibly impressive selection of phone covers. The walls of the store are covered with racks carrying hundreds of options. Cartoon characters, pop culture catchphrases, sports stars, fast-food restaurant logos—they are all here, plus so much more. There are phone cases in a rainbow of colors or even simple clear covers if your style is more minimalist. Cases are available for all of the most popular smartphone brands and models.

Where Xpress Cellular truly shines is in its custom case business. Say you want a cover with an image of your family, your pet or even your favorite pop star, Xpress Cellular can and will create a work of art for your phone. “Our custom cases really set us apart,” says Manager Daniel Revak.  It’s a real thrill for us to help customers realize their vision and give them exactly what they want. There is nothing like seeing the look on their faces when they see their custom case for the first time. They are blown away by how terrific the final product is and they usually cannot wait to show off their case.”

There is more to Xpress Cellular than just the amazing array of smartphone covers. There are many other ingenious accessories for sale, such as the wide variety of Popsockets for carrying your phone. There are also LED lights that can help you take picture-perfect selfies—with this flattering lighting, no filters are necessary! And shooting photos or video is easier than ever with the help of a tripod fitted specifically for smartphones.

There are also the practical accessories that all smartphone owners need to have on hand so they don’t miss an important call or email. Your phone will always be fully charged and ready to go with portable power banks that keep your battery from dying. Also, it is very smart to have a phone charger in your car—and it is even smarter to buy that charger from Xpress Cellular, where all car chargers are reasonably priced. Other items in stock include data cables, power adapters, earphones, Bluetooth speakers and headsets, and much more to meet all of your mobile phone needs.

When you shop at Xpress Cellular, you are guaranteed to get excellent customer service. The friendly sales staff is known for their expertise and can offer knowledgeable suggestions on the best cover or accessories for your phone. The stock is so extensive that customers can comfortably rely on Xpress Cellular to have whatever they need for their phone. This kind of exceptional service is common with local businesses, where the owners are deeply invested in providing an amazing shopping experience. Buying local gives you the opportunity to help these businesses grow and prosper, while also contributing to a healthy local economy.  At Grossmont Center, we believe in the importance of shopping local and are proud that independent businesses make up such a vibrant part of our tenant community.

If you are like most people, you use your cell phone every day—it has become part of the fabric of contemporary life. You can find all your accessory needs and the perfect case to express yourself at Xpress Cellular.

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