Visiting See’s Candies is Always a Treat

For many people, a trip to Grossmont Center isn’t complete without a stop at See’s Candies. Everything about See’s is timeless: the store’s distinctive black-and-white color scheme, the crisp white uniforms worn by the friendly sales associates, and the glass cases holding the delicious confections that have made See’s one of the most beloved chocolate shops in America since Mary See started selling her candies in Los Angeles in 1921. Plus, is there any better sentence in the English language than, “Would you like a free sample?”

That sample piece of candy, a See’s signature, surely won’t be the only one you get during your visit. Perhaps you will purchase a bag with a few candies, or maybe you will have a box custom-filled with treats for a special someone. The shop’s chocolate choices are abundant, and there are plenty of other sweets such as bonbons, peanut brittle, and the famous See’s Lollypops. Everyone who stops in is guaranteed to find a favorite candy (or most likely two or three, or more)!

“See’s Candies is so special because we have been a favorite chocolate shop for generations of customers,” says Manager Amy Madruga. “Parents come in with their children because they remember coming here with their own parents. And the children who come here today will continue that tradition in the future with their own kids. People love coming here not just because the candy is wonderful, but because we have consistently had the highest standards of quality and use the finest ingredients. See’s is reliably delicious with each and every piece.”

Those pieces are truly something special. The shop has classic buttercreams, caramels, and nut clusters, as well as pieces that are the store’s hallmarks. The Bordeaux™ boasts a creamy center crafted from brown sugar and is covered in either milk or dark chocolate and dusted with chocolate sprinkles. The California Brittle® has the satisfying snap of buttery toffee and California almonds and comes in milk and dark chocolate varieties. Peanut butter lovers swear by the P-nut Crunch™, a unique treat with a peanut butter-flavored brittle center studded with peanuts and enrobed in milk chocolate. Or try the Scotchmallow®, a delightful confection that combines luscious dark chocolate, chewy caramel, and honey marshmallow. 

See’s Candies is also renowned for its truffles. These decadent chocolates with divinely smooth centers are absolutely luxurious (but still have the affordable prices See’s is known for). The Pineapple Truffle marries rich dark chocolate with zingy pineapple cream for a singular taste sensation. Chocolate lovers will think the Dark Chocolate Truffle is a dream come true, with a rich filling of semi-sweet chocolate liqueur and a coating of the finest dark chocolate; a topping of chopped nuts adds the ideal crunchy texture that contrasts beautifully with the creamy and smooth truffle. For your next holiday dinner, skip the pies in favor of the Apple Pie Truffle®, a white chocolate truffle whose center blends white chocolate, Granny Smith apples, and cinnamon. Speaking of the seasons, See’s Candies also makes truffles and candies appropriate for certain times of the year, such as chocolates with berry cream fillings in summer and a Mint Scotchmallow® for St. Patrick’s Day. 

All of the chocolates, bonbons, and truffles can be purchased per piece or as part of a box. See’s sells box sets in varieties such as Nuts & Chews, Dark Chocolates, Milk Chocolates, and Assorted Chocolates, but you can also create your own custom mix. Want to fill a pound box with all Butterscotch Squares or entirely with caramels? You can do that! Boxes can be wrapped in the classic See’s white wrapping; special wrapping paper is available during the holiday season. You can also purchase themed box sets celebrating special occasions such as Father’s Day, birthdays, or the last day of school. (The See’s chocolate cigars are perfect to herald the arrival of a new baby!) Of course, it is no surprise that See’s Candies is the place to go for Valentine’s Day and a statement-making heart-shaped box of chocolates, or for Easter goodies such as chocolate bunnies and egg-shaped candies that are a tasty addition to any basket.

See’s Candies is more than just chocolates. The Peanut Brittle is perennially popular—so popular, in fact, that it is also the star ingredient in the Awesome® Peanut Brittle Bar. Other candy bars include the See’s Awesome® Nut & Chew Bar (dark chocolate covering an almond and honey nougat) and thick bars of Milk, Dark, or Extra Dark chocolate. The chocolate candy bars and Peanut Brittle also have sugar-free alternatives. Containers of bite-sized sweets such as Peppermint Twists, Licorice Medallions®, or Toffee-ettes® make lovely thank-you or hostess gifts. 

Of course, you can’t forget the Lollypops! These suckers are favorites of kids and adults alike, their chunky rectangular shape packing punches of sweet flavors including vanilla, chocolate, root beer, chocolate coconut, and the ever-popular butterscotch. As with their chocolates, See’s also produces seasonal flavors of the Lollypops, such as Pumpkin Spice in fall and Strawberry Cream in spring. In addition to buying individual Lollypops, they can be purchased in boxes; the sets of Little Pops®, which are Lollypops in small hard candy form, are positively addicting. 

If you think you’ll have a hard time choosing among all the different candies, the See’s Candies team can help you out. Employees working the front counter are personable and knowledgeable and can make suggestions on flavors and gift items. (And when in doubt, you can always get a gift card!) The customer-friendly service also extends to the prices, where the high quality doesn’t come at a high cost. Plus, See’s Candies regularly offers special promotions, and you can keep track of them at this deals page. Come see why See’s Candies is the chocolate shop that makes life sweet. Try a sample—we bet you can’t eat just one!

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