Villa’s Mexican Food Offers a Taste of Home

Sometimes you just crave a home-cooked meal—but after a busy day, the last thing you want to do is slave over a hot stove. Lucky for you, there’s delicious food prepared by hand and tastes just like homemade at Villa’s Mexican Food. This family-owned food court eatery features a kitchen manned by experienced cooks who dedicate their time and efforts to creating authentic dishes that will leave you feeling satisfied.

Villa’s Mexican Food has been serving up tacos, burritos and more at Grossmont Center since 2001. It’s not your average food court station. For starters, they serve authentic Mexican dishes starring everything from typical pollo asado to not-so-typical lengua (or beef tongue). Menu favorites include rolled tacos, carne asada fries and burritos, not to mention that the portions are hearty and tasty!

The menu itself is wide-ranging and more reflective of what you would find at a sit-down restaurant. There is a great selection of breakfast dishes to start your morning, including several egg-based creations as well as giant burritos that are good stamina fuel if you have a big day in front of you.

Speaking of burritos, there are many kinds on the menu as well, ranging from al pastor to veggie. Other Mexican food standbys such as tacos, tortas, tostadas, enchiladas, quesadillas and nachos are also well represented at Villa’s, with a variety of fillings sure to please every palate. There are additional menu items you wouldn’t necessarily find at a food court eatery, such as chimichangas, hot soups and seafood specialties. Dishes can be ordered in combination plates, or, if you have a hankering for only rice, you can choose your own sides by ordering them a la carte.

Villa’s Mexican Food also elevates the food a cut above with a terrific salsa bar that offers not just a variety of zingy hot sauces but also pickled carrots, fresh radishes and lemon and lime wedges. They’re the ideal toppings for your California burrito, beef torta or whatever your favorite Mexican dish may be. The kids’ menu truly makes Villa’s Mexican Food a great place for families to stop by and enjoy before or after a movie or a visit to the arcade.

Another hallmark of Villa’s Mexican Food is its dedication to restaurant quality customer service. Like many places where you can buy local, Villa’s aims to keep its patrons satisfied and the family owners put their best efforts into enticing customers to come back for more. If you make it a habit of shopping local, you already know that the owners are hands on in running their business and are very attuned to giving their customers the best service and what they want. One way Villa’s Mexican Food is meeting its customers’ needs is by introducing easy ordering options—food can be ordered online and picked up at the center, or Villa’s will deliver to your location. You can get your food when and where you want it! It’s no surprise that with this kind of attentiveness, Villa’s Mexican Food has a dedicated following; and the family behind the eatery says the very friendly customers are the main reason Grossmont Center is such a perfect location.

Because of its long tenure at Grossmont Center, Villa’s Mexican Food is an active participant in the center’s tenant community. Villa’s regularly takes part in center-wide events such as the hugely popular Taste of Grossmont. Savvy diners also know that Villa’s Mexican Food frequently offers great discounts and promotions. One of the best examples is the Taco Tuesday special, where you can get carne asada, carnitas, adobada, pollo asado, lengua and cabeza street tacos all at the amazing price of $1.49 each!  Astounding prices and deliciously unique homemade flavors is the reason Villa’s Mexican Food has been successful for so long.

When you buy local, you are throwing your support to hard-working families such as the one behind Villa’s Mexican Food. When these businesses are successful, it encourages the owners to think bigger and offer new menu items, more promotions and customer discounts, or possible expanding, which adds new jobs. It also signals to other independent entrepreneurs that this is a great place to do business—in fact, Grossmont Center is proud to say that it is home to many locally owned businesses. This creates a thriving community that draws people in because they know something special is happening here. More customers continue to drive more business, which creates a healthy economic ecosystem. And it all starts when you shop local—or, in this case, eat local. So the next time you’re at Grossmont Center and your taste buds are craving a taco, head over to Villa’s Mexican Food for that homemade taste and friendly faces.

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