Strengthen Your Body and Mind at Othentik Gym

Career, family, relationships, running a home or running a business (or both)— some people are used to doing it all. In order to do it all, though, they need to be strong! At Othentik Gym located in the Grossmont Center both women and men alike can build and hone their strength. The gym’s innovative format, plus classes such as boxing, yoga and Pilates that are taught by professional athletes and dancers, can turn any one into a powerhouse.

Othentik, which opened in November 2016, is locally owned and the result of a partnership between three longtime friends who each have their own special athletic abilities. Ka’imi Kuoha is a world-renowned martial artist who founded Othentik and teamed up with professional soccer player Israel Palacio and full-contact fighter Nolan Zackel to create a place where women, and their families, can become empowered while developing greater control of their bodies and minds.

To do that, Othentik promotes a philosophy of movement with four guiding principles: focus, deliberate relaxation, employing gravity and directed energy. That philosophy guides all of Othentik’s classes, which are structured in the unique 3, 5, 7 Program:

3 Impact Zones (low, medium and high)
5 Fitness Levels (for everyone from beginners to experienced athletes)
7 Functions (classes focus on endurance, teamwork, protection, fundamental skills, rhythm, cognitive strength and rejuvenation)

Clients can tailor their workout schedule to meet their specific exercise goals and fitness ability. There is a broad array of classes to choose from, including boxing, Zumba, mat Pilates, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), combat and self-defense, among others; and one of the most popular classes is Monday night yoga led by champion decathlete Dru Hall. In fact, each class is led by a professional athlete or dancer, called a mentor, and there are no more than 10 students per class. This allows the highly-qualified, exceptional mentors to share the lessons they’ve learned from years of intensive study, providing students with outstanding learning experiences. Mentors can also give personalized attention to students in these small classes, ensuring they challenge themselves in a safe way. As the students progress in skill and ability, they can move onto higher fitness levels to continue challenging themselves; they can even earn points for every hour of class time completed to win rewards!

For women who want to take their workout to the next level, Othentik also offers private coaching with a mentor. This highly customized program is unique to each client, based on a thorough assessment that includes a medical questionnaire, a fitness test, a body composition index, metabolic rate measurement and postural analysis. After talking with the client and determining her fitness goals and lifestyle, the mentor can devise an exercise program that will be effective as well as easy to fit into a busy schedule.

Moms who want to model a healthy and active lifestyle for their kids can do so at Othentik, where there are plenty of children’s classes for all ages. Mini classes for ages 3 to 6 focus on tumbling or teamwork skills. Kids ages 7 to 15 can try everything from capoeira and martial arts to boxing and belly dance-inspired Belly Robics. One of the newest and most fun workouts is Jedi Training, where kids can wear “Star Wars”-themed gear and learn the skills to become a master.

Kids, and adults, can also take self-defense classes; in addition, Othentik hosts monthly women’s self-defense workshops. That’s one of the many events Othentik participates in—the gym also is often featured at Grossmont Center’s community events. Othentik’s leadership is proud to have an amazing relationship with the center’s management team and being part of center-wide events is a way to support the center as well as be a vital part of the community.

Independent entrepreneurs are known for going the extra mile, whether it’s hosting special events or offering deals, discounts and other promotions. That’s one good reason why people should shop local, but there are many others. Buying local also supports the community economy—more of a consumer’s money stays here, as opposed to going to a corporation with far-away headquarters. When people shop local it also encourages a healthy business profile in La Mesa—when these entrepreneurs thrive, they pay it back by expanding to other locations or hiring more employees, which continues to benefit the local economy. And customer service is often a hallmark of local business—patrons often find that when they shop locally, they will regularly see an owner personally manning the register or helping customers. Customers can get to know the owner, and as the owner gets to know their customers, they can tailor their stock in response to client request or feedback.

For the team behind Othentik Gym, it’s those relationships that are the most important aspect of running a local business. The team gets to know customers face to face, and impact the community with their mission. Another part of that is developing amazing partnerships with other local brands also trying to make an impact. Othentik Gym is making the La Mesa community stronger—in more ways than one.

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