Stay Connected at Touch-Tel Wireless

It can happen in a flash. You are scrolling through emails or Instagram on your phone and suddenly you trip. Your phone plummets to the ground and you hear that dreaded crunch of glass. You pick up the phone and, sure enough, it is seriously cracked. You need to find a repair place that can get the job done quickly and affordably, so you head to Touch-Tel Wireless at Grossmont Center.

“We can do many different kinds of repairs,” says owner and manager Ali Kamaluddin. “We also carry almost anything you need for your mobile phone or tablet. We want to be a handy, convenient place where customers can come and expect reliable service, so they can keep their mobile device in the best possible condition.”

The list of repair services performed at Touch-Tel Wireless is lengthy and comprehensive. The shop can fix broken charging ports, speakers, back frames, headphone jacks, microphones, buttons and switches, LCD systems, cameras, glass screens, and digitizers. Touch-Tel can even tackle tasks such as battery replacement, water damage, and system failures. These repairs can return a phone to brand-new condition. If you are in the market for a new phone, inquire about trade-ins and buybacks. All services are completed as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality, and customers appreciate the quick turnaround time.

Repairs are only a part of what you can find here. Loyal customers make Touch-Tel Wireless their first stop after buying a new phone or tablet. The shop may be small, but it is lined floor to ceiling with a vast array of mobile gadgets. Customers can pick out accessories such as car mounts, wireless headphones, PopSockets, armbands, and plenty of options for phone cases. Touch-Tel Wireless is also well-known for its quick application of screen protectors to help prevent those nasty chips and cracks from forming.

Many customers also come to Touch-Tel Wireless for trustworthy and polite service. People have commented that there is a warm and homey atmosphere at Touch-Tel Wireless because it is a family-run business. Some customers also note that when bringing their phone in for service, the staff will clean the phone case as a bonus. They can also make solid suggestions for products that will increase a device’s performance and effectiveness.

Going the extra mile for customers like this is common at Grossmont Center’s Shop Local businesses. These kinds of establishments are terrific at figuring out what their customers want and going above and beyond for them. Part of that is due to the hands-on nature of the owners, whom you will often find working the counter and interacting with customers. The owners develop relationships with regulars and can glean face-to-face feedback that helps them offer the best goods and services. Local business owners also relate so well to customers because these entrepreneurs are very ingrained in the community and know how to fill a niche and offer something unique to their community.

Buying local is valuable for everyone—for the business owner, the customer, and the greater community. Shops and restaurants find success and can grow their business while bringing the community together. Customers can get great deals on merchandise and services that are special and different from everything else out there. Communities benefit from sales tax revenue, job creation, and a singular sense of place that is created when small businesses thrive.

At Grossmont Center, we see firsthand how our Shop Local tenants make us more than a mall. The Center is renowned as the place in La Mesa where people can come together and connect. And when it comes to staying connected on your phone, Touch-Tel Wireless is ready to help you with all your mobile needs.


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