Pholicious lives up to its name! This restaurant in the Grossmont Center food court serves aromatic, steaming hot bowls of pho, the mouthwatering Vietnamese rice noodle soup. It comes in a variety of flavors, including beef, chicken, fish balls, shrimp, veggie, and more. The menu also offers other savory options, such as spring rolls, egg rolls, and banh mi sandwiches.

“Our food is freshly prepared and served right away,” says Manager Hang Nguyen. “We want to be consistent in the quality of our food and service, so people come back again and again. We have a long history in the pho business that goes back to 1965 in Saigon. We provide a healthy and delicious alternative to fast food and bring some Vietnamese culture to the community.”

The pho and other menu items offer a savory taste of the country and its flavors. The pho noodles are cooked well, and the broth is light and tasty. In addition to the traditional pho flavors, Pholicious also offers a hearty combination pho with shrimp, steak, fish balls, and Vietnamese meatballs. With each bowl of pho comes several toppings, such as bean sprouts, lime, basil, hot chili, fresh greens, herbs, and sauces. This soup is a warming, comforting dish with an amazing flavor profile. If everything on the menu sounds tempting, then the combination is the perfect solution for you: Indulge in beef or chicken pho, two egg rolls, and a smoothie or tea. This is a great way to enjoy authentic Vietnamese flavors!

In addition to the spring rolls, egg rolls, and banh mis, Pholicious has a delectable selection of thirst-quenching drinks, including boba tea and iced Vietnamese coffee, with the latter’s just-right level of sweetness particularly earning raves. Plus, the service is quick and polite, so you can get right to enjoying your food.

Pholicious has become a go-to spot for pho in La Mesa, which is a great part of buying local. When you shop local, you can discover hidden gems that are terrific finds. The boutique selling jewelry made by local artisans, the shoe repair shop run by the same family for three generations, the tiny eatery specializing in pho—when you buy local, it is like unearthing buried treasure!

Customers who find these independent businesses and make a point of supporting them are integral to their success. The customers help spread positive word-of-mouth, so more and more people can check out these businesses. That may be a key to helping local shops and restaurants grow and thrive. As they grow, they can add new locations, hire more staff, and contribute more sales tax revenue to the city. If you frequent local businesses like Pholicious, you have helped them earn their success!

Local businesses also add distinctive character to La Mesa, and to the Center itself. We are proud to be a “Shop Local” mall that offers the community a wide variety of shopping and dining options. We can do that in large part because of our diverse array of local businesses. Customers love coming here to shop or spend the day—or try a mouthwatering bowl of pho! If you are in the mood to give your palate a tasty adventure come to Pholicious, where you can support a local business while enjoying a tasty meal.

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