Savory Sandwiches are Submarina’s Specialty

A sandwich may seem like a humble food, but with the right high-quality ingredients, it can be elevated to a mouthwatering gourmet delicacy. This art of sandwich making is on full display at Submarina® in Grossmont Center. With freshly baked bread, hand-sliced premium meats, delicious cheeses, and local produce, you have all the ingredients needed to create the perfect sub!

Submarina® has its roots in San Diego, where it was founded in 1977 by Les Warfield and Ron Vickers. Today, Submarina® franchises are overseen by brothers Brian and Matt Kennedy, who uphold the company’s commitment to exceptional quality. Matt, who manages the Grossmont Center location, is proud of the Submarina® reputation for delicious food.

“When you come to Submarina®, you are guaranteed to get exactly the sandwich you want,” he says. “You can order one of our Classic or Signature subs, or create your own. Whatever kind of sandwich you choose, we build it right in front of you. If you want to add on slices of vine-ripened tomato or one of our unique dressings, we can make that happen. It is your sandwich, made your way.”

Building your own sandwich is simple at Submarina®. Pick your size: small, regular, large, or extra-large. Then choose the foundation of your sub: the freshly baked bread. The options include white, wheat, or specialty rolls, or classic sliced bread. From there, pick your meats from salami, turkey, ham, pepperoni, or roast beef. Add on a perfectly aged cheese such as provolone, Havarti, or smoked cheddar, plus any veggies or toppings you desire, and you have a scrumptious sub!

The Submarina® menu also boasts a wide variety of specialty sandwiches. Classic Subs include the Turkey Club, bursting with turkey, ham, bacon, and Swiss cheese, and the ARB, which stands for avocado and roast beef (with smoked cheddar thrown in for good measure). Signature Subs are uniquely crafted taste sensations. Try the East Coast, stuffed with prosciutto, capicola, salami, ham, pepperoni, and provolone. If you crave Southwest flavors, the Santa Fe will satisfy you with oven-roasted chicken, avocado, jalapeño bacon, and pepper jack cheese.

Hot sandwiches, called Sub Melts, are another popular choice at Submarina. The traditional Meatball sub is hearty and filling, blanketed with wonderfully seasoned marinara sauce and melted provolone. Another tasty choice is the French Dip, where the roast beef and Swiss are perfectly complemented with the amazing au jus sauce.

Your sub can be the centerpiece of a meal by adding on a side such as a seasonal soup, or potato, macaroni, or green salad. And speaking of green salads, there are also special main-dish versions such as Albacore Tuna and Chicken Club. For those watching their carbs, any sandwich on the menu can also be turned into a bountiful salad!

Customers at the Submarina® in the Center rave about the large portions and delectable flavors, as well as the sandwich shop’s cleanliness and friendly atmosphere. Every sandwich comes with a smile from courteous staff members, who work hard to craft each and every sub with great care. The team members are also experts at their job and can make helpful suggestions on terrific combinations of toppings or how to add “Cali style” flair to a sub with the addition of bacon and avocado.

This attentive and helpful attitude is one reason why Submarina® is a great place to buy local. Businesses such as these make a point to get to know their customers and what they want. The service is top notch. They also provide value to a community by offering distinctive goods and services—Submarina® is the go-to sandwich shop in the area because it is unequaled in taste and quality. These specialized businesses create a vibrant community unlike any other, and they give Grossmont Center, and La Mesa, their character. With more of these independent businesses, customers also have more opportunities to shop local, which contributes to a healthy local economy.

The next time you are in the mood for a sub, don’t settle for thin, rubbery meat piled into a dry, crumbly roll. Take your sandwich game to a whole other level and visit Submarina®. You (and your taste buds) will be amazed at how savory a sub can be. By using the freshest ingredients, the sandwiches here are the best thing since, well, sliced bread.

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