Savor Fresh (Fruit) Mex at Fruteria Don Chamango

If you have ever had a Chamango on a hot day, you know that it is an incomparable taste sensation. This icy, blended drink features succulent mango as its star, with a spicy supporting cast that includes lime, tamarind, and traditional Mexican chamoy and tajin flavors. This delicious drink is a staple Mexican treat and gives Fruteria Don Chamango its name.

The Grossmont Center eatery serves fresh fruit salads, smoothies, Mexican desserts, and other items such as tortas and Tostilocos. The latter combines Tostitos chips with a heaping variety of fruits, vegetables, and other toppings—everything from cucumber and jicama to peanuts and pork rinds. Many of the dishes get their zest from the spicy/sweet chamoy that is derived from pickled fruit and the chili-lime kick of tajin seasoning.

“We are proud to offer customers at Grossmont Center something unique,” says Ladislao Casarrubias, Fruteria Don Chamango’s manager. “Our fruit is fresh and our flavor combinations really highlight that freshness. Once you try something here, you will want to come back for more.”

Other “locos” menu items offer the same tantalizing flavors and toppings, but with different fruits. Pina-Loca contains pineapple, Melon-Loco boasts cantaloupe, and Manzana-Loca has a “crazy apple mix.” You can also try Pepino-Loco with cucumber or Jicama-Loca with, naturally, jicama. The generous servings are meant to leave customers satisfied and happy!

Another traditional Mexican dish served at Fruteria Don Chamango is elote. This cob of corn is slathered in spicy mayo and sprinkled with cheese; a popular add-on is a handful of Cheetos. On the sweeter side are Diablitos, lime or lemon shaved ice topped with the spicy goodness of chamoy and tajin, as well as tamarind.

Fruteria Don Chamango also offers a wide range of smoothies. There are classic combinations such as strawberry banana and peach mango, as well as more exotic blends that include kiwi, cucumber, papaya, mango, and cantaloupe. This restaurant is the ultimate in refreshment!

Fruteria Don Chamango is locally owned and family-operated. The owners are invested in their business, as well as in the community. When you shop local, you help small business owners support that goal of providing a special service to your town. Local, family-owned independent businesses can be the backbone of a community, and that is certainly the case at Grossmont Center. We are proud to support a thriving community of locally owned shops, restaurants, and service providers that make the Center more than just a mall. It is a destination and a gathering spot, a place that draws visitors for everyday errands or a day of relaxation and fun. Grossmont Center has an atmosphere that is uniquely its own, and a large part of that is due to these unique, small local businesses.

We invite you to come to Grossmont Center, be a part of everything that is happening here, and support some of our worthwhile small businesses by shopping local. And don’t forget to stop by Fruteria Don Chamango for an invigorating, and tasty, pick-me-up!


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