Easter egg treats

From adorable bunnies and pretty pastels to fun Easter egg hunts, Easter is one of the hoppiest holidays. Make this year even sweeter by grabbing a basket or two of Easter bites from Grossmont Center. Here are the top shops you should visit to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Split Bakehouse

Finding Easter baked goods that align with your vegan lifestyle just got a whole lot easier with Split Bakehouse. Voted “Best Vegan Pastry” in 2019 by SD Magazine, Split Bakehouse offers dozens of vegan pastries that range from scones and croissants to danishes and cookies. 

When you visit this pastry shop at Grossmont Center, you can feel confident that all of the pastries you order are 100% vegan with home-made vegan butter, milk, and eggs. Whether you go for a chef’s choice variety box or stick to confetti scones, these pastries will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.

See’s Candies

See’s Candies

If you love anything chocolate, you’ll feel like you’re in heaven when you walk into See’s Candies. This quaint little shop has been serving up creamy chocolates since 1921—yes, that’s 100 years of chocolatey goodness!

What’s even better is that during each holiday season, See’s Candies makes limited-time treats that are not only mouth-watering, but festive as well. That means your favorite chocolate Easter bunny and Easter egg treats will be available just in time for this holiday.

Choose from assorted boxes to try some new flavors or build your own box by hand picking your top choices. Keep in mind that See’s Candies also offers Kosher, egg-free, and nut-free options to cater to food preferences and dietary restrictions.

From white chocolate strawberry truffles to almond caramels, See’s Candies has all of the Easter bites to sweeten up your day!

Coldstone Creamery ice cream

Coldstone Creamery

Chocolates aren’t the only type of dessert you can enjoy for the holiday! Pay a visit to Coldstone Creamery for a scoop of rich ice cream in flavors like peanut butter cookie dough, coffee, mint, and classic French vanilla.

What makes Coldstone stand out as one of the best ice cream shops in San Diego? It’s the toppings, of course! With over 30 different add-ons, you can make your own masterpiece of flavors. Oreos, pineapple, coconut, caramel, and apple pie filling are just a few yummy options. Finish it off with a freshly-made waffle cone and you have a dessert that you won’t want to share!

Want to incorporate Easter baked goods into your holiday too? Coldstone not only serves up ice cream cones, but ice cream cakes, sandwiches, and cupcakes as well. Choose from their signature menu items or customize your order with Easter decorations that will look cute along your dessert table.

Candy Me Up

Candy Me Up is another Grossmont Center shop that will make your jaw drop. This is the largest distributor of candy in San Diego and the number one place you should visit to buy loads of Easter bites for your celebration. 

Candy Me Up is known for selling their sweet treats in massive quantities (like 5-pound bags!) that work great for assorted candy buffets or Easter bunny piñatas. If you choose to buy your Easter candy in bulk, each order is available either wrapped or unwrapped and can be used with jars, tongs, bags, and other supplies that make for easy access to guests.

No matter what type of delicious treats you have in mind, Candy Me Up has most likely got it. They even specialize in retro, Mexican or chamoy-flavored candies, as well as champagne-flavored gummy bears!

As you plan for Easter this year, keep these Grossmont Center shops in mind for all of your Easter baked goods and treats! If cooking isn’t on your itinerary this year, take a look at Grossmont’s outdoor dining restaurants that also offer delivery and pick-up options.

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