You can find hamburgers at hundreds of restaurants. But finding a fantastic burger? Well, that can be more challenging. Crafting a delicious, mouthwatering burger is an art, and it is an art that has been perfected at Fuddruckers® at Grossmont Center. After you eat here, you will understand why the slogan is “World’s Greatest Hamburgers®.”

The options are sure to delight any burger fan. The Fuddruckers® menu has a slate of hamburgers with unique and savory flavor combinations. At the Grossmont Center location, the bestseller is the Bourbon Burger. This delectable hamburger features bleu cheese, smokehouse bacon, sweet bourbon sauce, and bourbon caramelized onions—it’s a flavor powerhouse. Other choices include The Hangover (fried egg, smokehouse bacon, and cheddar cheese), Tex Mex (avocado, smokehouse bacon, and pepper jack cheese), and Mushroom Swiss (grilled onions along with the namesake grilled mushrooms and Swiss cheese).

In addition to those options, you can instead opt to customize your hamburger to your exact liking. “You really get to build the best burger here,” says Assistant Manager Lisa Pergis. Choose a freshly baked white or wheat bun (or even gluten-free), select your cheese from American, cheddar, pepper jack, or Swiss, and then add a premium topping such as smokehouse bacon, avocado, fried egg, grilled onions, and grilled mushrooms. Once your grilled-to-order burger is ready, stop at the terrific Build Your Own® fresh produce bar. The array of toppings is amazing—juicy tomatoes, crisp lettuce, sliced onions, pickles, zingy pico de gallo, and the famous Fudds Cheese Sauce, to name a few.

You also get the all-important choice of what meat to include in your burger. The classic patty is made from fresh, never frozen USDA All-American premium-cut beef and comes in ⅓-, ½-, and ⅔-lb. servings. Customers rave about how Fuddruckers® cooks burgers to their specifications, unlike most other burger places, Fuddruckers® boasts an excellent lineup of exotic meats, including American Kobe, buffalo, and elk.

If red meat is not your thing, there are many other ways to enjoy a great meal here, such as the turkey or veggie burgers, hot dogs (plain or chili cheese), hand-breaded chicken tenders, and the crispy chicken sandwich, which can be ordered grilled or hand-breaded. Fuddruckers® also offers two salads, Grilled Chicken and Napa Valley, as well as your choice of dressing. Families especially appreciate the kids’ menu, with burgers, hot dogs, chicken tenders, and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Of course, any restaurant that does burgers, as well as Fuddruckers®, is also an expert in making delicious sides. The Fudds Fries are thick, wedge cuts of potato perfectly seasoned and served piping hot. (As an alternative to ketchup, the Fudds Cheese Sauce makes a great dipping alternative for the fries.) Other choices include sweet potato fries and hand-breaded onion rings. Add on one of the restaurant’s rich and creamy milkshakes in vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and Oreo® flavors, and you have an All-American classic meal! If you still have room in your stomach after a terrific lunch or dinner here, the scrumptious bakery items—brownies, cookies, rice cereal treats—are sure to tempt you.

The Fuddruckers® location at Grossmont Center prides itself on building relationships with customers and “making them feel at home,” Pergis says. That starts the minute you walk in the door and experience the warm and welcoming ambiance. There is outdoor seating, as well as rooms for parties and large groups. Entertainment includes big-screen TVs, an arcade, and free wifi; live music played by local bands is featured from 6 to 8 p.m. on Wednesdays. The restaurant also proudly hosts a wide variety of fundraisers to help local organizations raise money for worthy charitable causes.

Service is prompt and attentive, and the friendly staffers work quickly and efficiently to get your food to you as soon as possible, so it is hot and fresh. Providing customers with plenty of choices is the goal, from the wide-ranging menu to the Freestyle Coca-Cola® machine that pours many different kinds of fountain drinks. That is why employees are eager and willing to explain the different menu items and burger options with customers so that they can order the exact meal they want. If you have to make your visit to Fuddruckers® a quick one, online ordering streamlines the process to make life easier for you.

If you have a craving for a great burger, Fuddruckers® is the place to go at Grossmont Center. Stop by and see why its burgers—and fries, and shakes—have such a devoted following.

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