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In our fast-paced world where time is of the essence, watchmaking and watch repair is a timeless art. It takes painstaking attention to detail and a thorough knowledge of how a timepiece works, as well as a commitment to uncompromising quality. There aren’t many master craftsmen in San Diego who can do this work, but you can find them at San Diego Time Zone in Grossmont Center.

Owner Michael Helmi specializes in timepiece repair, service and sales. It’s the culmination of a career path that started when they were both boys who tinkered with old clocks and watches to satisfy their curiosity for how things worked. Not only are they now experienced craftsmen with years of experience, they are also horologists, which means they are experts in the study of time. Your timepiece—whether it’s a vintage pocket watch, a Rolex or a stately grandfather clock—will be in the best hands!

This is the place to go if you need repair service on a watch or clock. The certified watchmakers work on a range of sizes and styles of timepieces, from antique to modern. Repairs are done on site, but if you have a large grandfather clock, San Diego Time Zone will send someone to your home for your convenience. Most estimates are done free of charge, so you know exactly what to expect.

Simple watch battery replacement isn’t a problem here. If you notice your wristwatch is running slow or has stopped, just pop into San Diego Time Zone and you’ll get a new battery installed promptly—you’ll be back on the go in no time! If there seems to be a bigger issue with your watch, there’s no better place to get it up and running to factory specifications. San Diego Time Zone offers high-quality repair service on many of the biggest brand names in wristwatches, such as Rolex, Tag Heuer, Breitling, Cartier, Baume Mercier, Patek Philippe, Seiko, Gucci and many more. Vintage watch repair is also a specialty.

There are different types of services provided for watches. Partial watch repair focuses on specific components such as replacing the crystal, stem, crown or gasket. As watches get older, however, many parts may start to wear out, and your timepiece may require a more complete overhaul and cleaning. With this service, the movement system of the watch is carefully taken apart and thoroughly inspected so that any worn parts can be replaced. It’s then reassembled and carefully cleaned. Gaskets are replaced and water-resistant watches are tested to ensure they won’t be damaged if they get wet. Finally, the watch case and band are polished. Your watch will come back looking—and working—like it’s brand new!

Speaking of brand new, if you’re looking to buy a wristwatch, San Diego Time Zone has a wonderful selection for sale—it carries the top 50 watches for all the major watch brands! San Diego Time Zone is proud to be an authorized retailer for the following brands: Accutron, Belair, Bulova, Citizen, ESQ by Movado, Freestyle Watches, Kenneth Cole, Nixon, Pulsar, Seiko, Skagen, Swiss Army Victorinox and Vestal.

San Diego Time Zone also specializes in high-quality clock repair and also sells clocks made by Seiko, Bulova and Seth Thomas. Family heirloom clocks that need restoration will be lovingly cared for here and the master craftsmen will ensure these timepieces can be handed down to more generations to come.

Michael strives to provide an authentic experience at San Diego Time Zone, one that combines old-world charm with highly technical repair service. They are proud to provide those services at Grossmont Center. The location is especially important to him because he was born and bred in east San Diego County. Michael embrace the community and they feel that the community truly embraces them back—it’s a close relationship that is built when customers shop local. When you buy local, you can experience exceptional service, which happens to be and Michael’s favorite part of being a small business owner. They enjoy satisfying their customers’ requests and seeing them go home with a smile!

Like many of Grossmont Center’s other “shop local” tenants, San Diego Time Zone regularly participates in community events at the center. Local businesses often go above and beyond to contribute to a community’s character, and because Grossmont Center is home to many of these independently owned shops and restaurants, it has its own unique ambiance that can be enjoyed by everyone. It’s more than a mall—it’s a community gathering spot.

San Diego Time Zone is also a shop local success story because of its contributions to the local economy. Because of its reputation, it has drawn a loyal clientele. That loyal clientele, by buying local, has supported San Diego Time Zone enough that it opened a second location, About Time, in Hillcrest. That second location provided more jobs and more money to the local economy. When local businesses flourish, a community flourishes, which is why buying local is always so important. So during your next visit to Grossmont Center, find the time to visit San Diego Time Zone!

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