Ready Player One—GameStop Has Everything You Need to Level Up

Gamers, rise up! That’s a popular meme, but it could also be the call to put down the controller and get to GameStop at Grossmont Center, where the latest games are waiting to be played. The video game store also has gear, accessories, and lots of related collectibles, as well as its popular trade-in and pre-owned program that makes expanding your game library super affordable. 

GameStop is the ultimate destination for the big names in gaming, stocking titles that include Call of Duty®, Minecraft™, Mario Kart™, Super Smash Bros.™, Grand Theft Auto™, and Pokémon™. You will find versions of games compatible with a range of systems—including Playstation®, Xbox™, Wii U™, and Switch™—as well as with PCs. Old-school gamers can relive their glory days with the pre-owned Retro collection and Blast from the Past Bundles, with treasures such as a classic Nintendo Wii™ console or The Legend of Zelda™ for the GameCube™ system. There is a big selection to choose from at GameStop, and the knowledgeable and enthusiastic sales associates make it easy to find whatever you are looking for or help you discover a new favorite game.

“One of the best parts of the job is getting to talk about gaming with our customers,” says Manager Keith Pohl. “The people who work here are just as passionate about video games as the people who shop here. We love helping customers figure out which headset is the best match for their Xbox One™, or talking about the latest updates to Red Dead Redemption™Madden NFL. It’s a great place to work, and our Grossmont Center location is perfect because it draws so many customers from the surrounding area.”

GameStop is the ultimate neighborhood video game store. Nowadays, a lot of games can be downloaded digitally (and in fact, you can buy gift cards here for downloads, in-game currency, and add-ons) but there is nothing like browsing the shelves in person to check out games, or even trying one in a demo. This is also a great place to buy a new console or upgrade your current system, and add some bells and whistles to it. Enhance your game-playing experience with wireless controllers, external hard drives to maximize memory capacity, webcams to live stream game tutorials, and batteries and chargers that prevent you from losing your virtual life at a crucial stage of the game. You can also pick up basics such as cables, cooling systems, mounts and brackets, and storage cases. 

Let’s say you are ready to buy a new game, but your wallet is not. That is where the pre-owned selection comes in hand; you can purchase a terrific title at a fraction of the regular price. Plus, you can also fund your gaming purchases with the trade-in program. Bring in your used games and consoles, and the store will give you cash or trade credit you can use towards new purchases. It is a seamless process that allows you to get rid of games you don’t play anymore or hardware you no longer need and get the games and gear you want.

It’s not all fun and video games here, however. The selection of pop culture collectibles is also a huge draw for customers. A Funko Pop figurine of Sombra from Overwatch or a Fortnite-themed backpack make great gifts for the gamers in your life (as do the GameStop gift cards!). Keep an eye out for mugs, board games, action figures, dolls, T-shirts, lanyards, drinkware, and much, much more. 

Want to level up your shopping experience? Enroll in the video game store’s PowerUp Rewards program. There are two different membership levels, Player and Pro. With each one, you can earn points on every purchase you make at GameStop. Those points can be redeemed in the rewards center for in-store coupons, sweepstakes entries, and digital currency, among other amenities. You can also take advantage of benefits such as birthday offers and a percentage off of pre-owned merchandise that you buy. It is like finding a bonus level in your favorite video game!

The GameStop at Grossmont Center is well known for its fantastic selection of merchandise and personable sales associates. Employees will go above and beyond to assist customers in tracking down a particular game or system accessory. They can also help you get your hands on a hot new release by arranging a pre-order before the game comes out—just order at the Grossmont store or online, and you will be notified when you can pick it up. GameStop is also the most popular video game store around because it offers great deals on its products. Check out the weekly ad for discounts, promotional offers such as game-and-console bundles, and free gifts with purchases. 

Ready to power up? Come visit Grossmont Center’s GameStop location for the best video game store shopping experience!

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