Put Your Best Foot Forward with Gino’s Wide Shoes & Shoe Repair

So, you’ve got a favorite pair of shoes that you absolutely love. And because you love your shoes, that means you wear them a lot—and if you wear them a lot, that means they’re probably starting to look and become run down. The heel saver falls off, the sole begins to wear thin in places or a strap breaks, or perhaps they need to be freshened up with a good cleaning and polish. If you want your favorite shoes to look like new again, take them to Gino’s Wide Shoes & Shoe Repair.

The Grossmont Center shop has been in business since 1995, owned and operated by the person everyone knows as “Gino the Shoe Man.” Quality and customer service are the focus here, whether you need shoes repaired or you’re in the market for a specially sized pair. This store has been owned by the same family for four generations, so there is a pride in craftsmanship and professionalism that is hard to find anywhere else. In addition to shoe repair services, Gino’s provides expert shoe fittings and can also fix purses, belts and boots.

Another highlight about shopping local at Gino’s Wide Shoes & Shoe Repair is that you can get shoes that aren’t easily found or available at most shoe stores. Gino’s specializes in extra-wide sizes of footwear, as well as in shoes designed for people who are diabetic and need extra comfort and protection for their feet because of their condition. For these customers in particular, Gino’s custom professional fittings are extremely important as they will help ensure the shoes won’t cause any problems or hurt their feet.

Gino’s Wide Shoes & Shoe Repair aims to provide high-quality service in a friendly environment. Gino and his staff go the extra mile to help customers with all their needs through one-on-one personalized interaction—unlike a shoe store where you have to wait for assistance, to only have a sales associate dump shoeboxes at your feet for you to try on by yourself. Gino will take the time to help you find just what you are looking for in a pair of shoes, and will give his all to ensure a repair is done correctly. If you need a repair turned around quickly, just ask, and Gino will work to accommodate your schedule. He will frequently have parts available for repairs that other stores may not have on hand; and if a part isn’t in stock, Gino will gladly order it specially for you. That’s why Gino’s is often able to repair shoes that can’t be fixed anywhere else.

Gino believes the most important part about owning a business is being part of the community of La Mesa, as well as the group of tenants at Grossmont Center where it’s easy and convenient to shop local. When you visit Gino’s, as well as  other Grossmont Center’s shops and restaurants, you are doing your part to support local entrepreneurs and ensure that the La Mesa economy is strong and healthy. Buying local is important to ensure that your neighborhood shops, restaurants and service providers are thriving, and it also creates a community hub at the center. You can shop local at Grossmont Center knowing you will receive the personalized service and high-quality selection of goods that are the hallmark of independent entrepreneurs. So, the next time the heel of your favorite shoe snaps off, or you’re trying to extend the life of the shoes you wear to work daily, take them to Gino’s Wide Shoes & Shoe Repair. Your shoes will look like  new again and you’ll get the satisfaction of helping the community you live in when you buy local.

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