Mangia, Mangia to Your Heart’s Content at Olive Garden®

Olive Garden’s® unlimited breadsticks are a thing of legend. They have been prominently mentioned in the movie “Blockers,” and rapper Post Malone introduced Jimmy Fallon to the wonder that is the Olive Garden® breadstick on “The Tonight Show.” The Internet abounds with stories of people binging on breadsticks and stuffing them into their purses and backpacks, as well as copycat recipes for people to try and re-create the addictive appetizer at home. The Italian-American restaurant chain serves more than 529 million garlicky, salty, delicious breadsticks each year. But while people may come to the Grossmont Center Olive Garden® for the breadsticks, they stay for the delectable and hearty portions of Italian-American food.

Plates and bowls are heaped high with pastas coated in rich, aromatic sauces. Main dishes such as Chicken Margherita, Herb-Grilled Salmon, and Shrimp Scampi are stick-to-the-ribs satisfying. Any of the choices from the dessert menu—Tiramisu, Lemon Cream Cake, and Zeppoli, among others—make an irresistible end to any meal. Add to that the soups, salads, and appetizers that are also on the menu, and you can see why every visit to Olive Garden® is a bountiful feast!

“Customers love coming here because they can rely on Olive Garden® to serve them terrific Italian comfort food,” says Manager Jonas Moreno. “But that’s just one part of it. We want every person who comes here to dine with us to feel like they are at home. That’s why we train our servers to treat customers like family members. At the end of a meal, customers should feel like they had a wonderful experience here that will keep them coming back again and again.”

When you come to Olive Garden®, you should arrive with an empty stomach. The pastas are standouts, with an abundance of choices including Creamy Mushroom Ravioli, Seafood Alfredo, or Five Cheese Ziti al Forno. Can’t decide? Then go for the Cucina Mia option, which allows you to customize your pasta. Noodle choices include rigatoni, whole-grain linguine, and angel hair; add a sauce such as Traditional Marinara or Creamy Pesto; then top it with something savory such as meatballs, sauteed shrimp, or grilled chicken. (The restaurant has also introduced a Lasagna Mia special, which takes the same customization concept and applies it to the Four-Cheese Lasagna Rollata.) The menu also features chicken, beef, or seafood dishes, as well as light, vegetarian/vegan, or gluten-free selections.

If the members of your dining party are extra hungry, order an appetizer to share family-style. The choices are tasty and creative. Loaded Pasta Chips give nachos an Italian twist—the pasta is fried to a crispy crunch, then topped with Italian cheeses, a three-meat tomato sauce, peppers, and a drizzle of Alfredo sauce. Those house-made pasta chips are also ideally paired with the Spinach-Artichoke and Lasagna dips. When you want to throw caution, and calories, to the wind, try one of the mouthwatering fried appetizers such as Classic Shrimp Scampi Fritta, Calamari, or Fried Mozzarella.

While Olive Garden® has its share of inventive Italian dishes, there are also several that represent the best of the country’s traditional cuisine. Chicken Parmigiana, Lasagna Classico, Spaghetti, and Cheese Ravioli are all red-sauce favorites that are familiar but still delicious.

The menu is so diverse that you can still have an amazing feast even without pasta. One of the most popular menu items at Olive Garden® is the Unlimited Soup, Salad & Breadsticks favorite. With the Famous House Salad, made-from-scratch soups such as Minestrone and those craveable breadsticks, this could be considered the perfect meal!

The Grossmont Center location of the Italian-American restaurant chain serves lunch and dinner for dining in and to go, and offers online and catering ordering. Olive Garden® is renowned for its specials, which makes eating here even more enticing. Examples include affordably priced lunch specials that come with unlimited soup or salad, or the Early Dinner Duo served between 3 and 5 p.m. 

Also incredible is the Olive Garden® rewards program. You can earn points on every visit, and they can be exchanged for rewards such as free appetizers, food discounts, and more. Plus, all members get a free dessert on their birthdays! Another great amenity for loyal diners is the Olive Garden® app. You can place to-go orders and note your favorites for easy re-ordering, plus you get the very handy perk of checking the wait time for a table at the Grossmont Center restaurant and adding your name to the waitlist from your phone. The app and rewards program are two more examples of how Olive Garden® goes the extra mile to treat customers like family.

Has your family joined the Olive Garden® family yet? If not, come in for an enjoyable meal, warm and welcoming service—and those unlimited breadsticks at Grossmont Center!

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