Love Your Pet? Then You Will Love Kahoots

Your pet is a cherished member of your family, so it’s just a given that Kahoots Pet Store treats you like a member of their family. The Grossmont Center store earns praise from local pet owners for the sheer variety of products filling the shelves, the knowledgeable service, and, perhaps most importantly, the genuinely warm and friendly atmosphere. The caring staff members want to get to know customers and their beloved animals. Whenever a pet accompanies an owner to Kahoots, it is lavished with affection and attention.

“Kahoots has a wholesome country heritage. We pride ourselves on the down-home feel at the store,” says Manager Summer Peshby. “All of our employees love animals, so we enjoy talking with customers about their pets. That way we can make product recommendations and answer owners’ questions. It is all about strengthening the bond between owners and their pets.”

As the Kahoots company website puts it, the store carries “everything for animals from backyard to barn.” At Grossmont Center’s Kahoot’s Pet Store, the focus is on dogs, cats, fish, birds, reptiles, and small animals such as bunnies and guinea pigs. Just about anything you need for your pet, you can find here.

The store may be best known for its namesake brand of pet food. The Kahoots line of pet food aims to be affordable and nutritious, and so scrumptious that even the pickiest pets will lap it up. For instance, their dog food comes in flavors such as Premium Chicken and Brown Rice and Premium Lamb and Rice. There are also grain-free versions such as Wild-Caught Salmon or Beef and Boar. Dogs will also sit up and beg for a treat from the Kahoots line of enticing grain-free dog biscuits in such gourmet flavors as Maple Bacon and Blueberry Blast. Kahoots makes food for all kind of animals, even birds such as parrots and finches. You are assured of high-quality products, no matter what pet you have. The store also carries other common pet food brands such as The Honest Kitchen® and Taste of the Wild®.

In addition to the food, there is a wealth of other necessary pet supplies at Kahoots: dog and cat toys, leashes and collars, cat scratching posts, habitats for small animals, shampoo, and much more. Customers appreciate how well organized the store is, which makes for easy shopping. Employees are willing and eager to answer questions about different products so customers can make informed decisions on their purchases. Wondering about the ingredient list on a bag of cat food? Just talk with a Kahoots team member!

You can also take advantage of the pet services available at the store. Kahoots offers affordable dog training, vaccinations, and anesthesia-free dental cleaning for Fido to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Kahoots takes its dedication to customers seriously. Staff members go the extra mile to help them find exactly what they need and ensure that the store inventory has brands and products that can’t be found anywhere else. That commitment carries over to the larger La Mesa community. Kahoots is proud to participate in the Center’s special events, such as the popular quarterly mega-pet adoption events. Also, on Halloween pets who come in costume can “trick or treat” for a goodie bag. Kahoots makes shopping for your pet fun!

Community and customer investment—these traits are signatures of businesses where you can shop local. These types of locally owned shops and restaurants have an important stake in the cities they serve. These businesses can bolster community spirit by providing unique goods and services, and by participating in events and promotions that can develop a loyal clientele.

Independent businesses also help drive the local economy. At Grossmont Center, our terrific collection of Shop Local tenants is a major reason why the Center contributes an astounding one-quarter of all of La Mesa’s sales tax revenue. This is an invaluable contribution to the city, which can use these funds toward vital municipal projects. When you buy local, you are contributing to the lifeblood of your community and doing your part to create a wonderful place to live and work.

When you own a pet, you love it and want to do the best for your companion. You can do that by shopping at Kahoots—and by shopping local at Grossmont Center, you are also doing the best for your community.


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