For anyone with a sweet tooth, Candy Paradise absolutely lives up to its name. This locally owned mom-and-pop shop has a dizzying array of confections that is unlike any other candy store around. Japanese sweets, sugar-free chocolates, gumballs—they’re all here, along with much, much more. Whatever kind of candy is your favorite, there is definitely something here to tempt you!

Candy Paradise is a family-run business and opened at Grossmont Center in 2012. The location was selected because Candy Paradise really felt the family-friendly mall was a perfect fit for their business. Residents in La Mesa and the surrounding area know that if they feel a sugar rush coming on, Candy Paradise is the place to go!

Candy Paradise is a self-service sweet shop and purchases are priced by weight. Customers select the candies that tickle their fancy and their sweet tooth too from all their many bins.. Craving everything from malt balls and M&Ms to gumballs and gummy worms? You can have them all, and all at once if you want!

Candy Paradise is known for its vast selection of goodies. In fact, the shop carries the largest selections of Jelly Belly jelly beans (50-plus flavors), as well as sugar-free chocolates and gummy candies, in all of San Diego! The sugar-free chocolate candies are especially popular, and there are more than 20 gourmet varieties to choose from. Other yummy treats include licorice in multiple flavors, Tootsie Rolls, candy crafted to look just like rocks, candy orange slices, and salt water taffy. Candy Paradise’s inventory isn’t limited to sweets—there are also craft sodas, coffee, Icee drinks, and other cold and hot beverages. The shop itself is so inviting, and beckons those passing by with shelves stocked full of bins holding colorful candy treats and luscious chocolate creations.

One of the other great things about Candy Paradise is that you can get a bag of candy to snack on, or you can order candy for special events! The shop makes custom leis out of candy or gumballs that are ideal for graduations, birthdays, weddings, baby showers or any special occasion. Candy can also be ordered in bulk—along with apothecary jars and vases—to create a delicious candy bar that’s sure to be the buzz at your next party. Simply let the owners know what kind of candy you want to serve and how many people you are expecting at your event, and they will expertly guide you in pulling together everything you will need.

Candy Paradise is a popular fixture at Grossmont Center, and it regularly participates in the center-wide events that draw crowds from La Mesa and beyond. The shop attracts a loyal clientele because it aims to provide exceptional customer service, and the owners take pride in getting to know their customers. People know they can find their favorite sweets here and they come back regularly.

Grossmont Center is proud to have Candy Paradise among its many locally owned business  tenants. Shopping local is an important way to contribute and help to create a healthy economy and a vibrant community. Supporting the enterprising entrepreneurs who commit to operating stores and restaurants here ensures that Grossmont Center continues to be the community hub in La Mesa. So, buy local—and buy delicious—when you go to Candy Paradise for your next sugar fixes.

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