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Tired of subpar cell service that results in dropped calls and communication breakdowns? Frustrated with wireless bills bloated by hidden fees? Desperate for decent customer service? You need to join the wireless revolution spearheaded by T-Mobile®!

Since 2013, the telecommunications giant has billed itself as the “Un-carrier,” defying business as usual in the wireless industry. T-Mobile® prides itself on being at the forefront of game-changing innovations such as eliminating annual contracts and offering streamlined and straightforward pricing plans for its services. You can take advantage of these incentives, plus much more, when you shop at the T-Mobile® location at Grossmont Center.

“Everything we do here—selling top products, providing a wide variety of service plans, and offering terrific deals—has the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction,” says Manager Michael Garoutte. “T-Mobile® is uniquely committed to helping people find their optimal wireless solutions so that everyone leaves here happy. It is all about putting the customer first.”

When you enter the Grossmont Center store, the first thing you notice is the attractive display of tablets, smartphones, wearables, and other devices and accessories. All of the big-name brands are represented here, giving you plenty of choices for top technology. If you crave the latest in next-generation gadgets, you can stay on the cutting edge at T-Mobile®. Already with another carrier or need help paying for a phone? T-Mobile® makes it easy to switch from your old wireless provider, and the sales team can discuss financing, trade-in, and upgrade options to make your purchase affordable for your budget.

Speaking of affordability, T-Mobile® is renowned for its billing process. In addition to no annual contracts, the company states that customers won’t be plagued with bills riddled with overages or surprise fees. The Essentials plan, for instance, is the epitome of easy-to-understand wireless bills. This monthly plan includes unlimited talk, text, and data on the T-Mobile® network. There are also Magenta® and Magenta® Plus plans, which offer the same unlimited services as the Essentials plan, as well as a host of other options that can include, depending on which plan you select, HD streaming, free in-flight texting, and mobile hotspot data. Plus, T-Mobile® caters to seniors age 55 and older, veterans and members of the military, and state and local first responders with specially priced plans. If you want something different than a standard monthly wireless bill, look into the prepaid and pay-as-you-go plans.

T-Mobile® customers also enjoy many benefits from the company’s unique promotions and deals. These have included free Netflix, special discounts for adding extra phone lines, and talk and text service in more than 140 locations around the world. And don’t forget to grab great deals during T-Mobile® Tuesdays, with free items every week from prime brands such as Groupon®, Taco Bell, Petco®, and Baskin Robbins®, as well as the opportunity to win great prizes.

Another T-Mobile® perk: dedicated customer service. The sales associates at the Grossmont Center store work tirelessly with every person who comes in the door, taking the time needed to answer any questions or offer technical support. Employees are knowledgeable and efficient, with a professional and competent manner that encourages customer trust. Their goal is to uphold the service standards that are so important to the T-Mobile® brand. 

Also important to the brand: constant innovation. Recently, T-Mobile® announced plans for several new initiatives that aim to keep the company in the vanguard of wireless service—and commitment to the community. T-Mobile® is developing and expanding its extensive nationwide 5G network for superior coverage and connectivity. In a major move, T-Mobile® will also roll out the Connecting Heroes Initiative after completion of its proposed merger with Sprint®. During the next 10 years, the company would provide free 5G access for all state and local first responders (including police, fire, and EMS) in America. This monumental effort has the potential to make communities exponentially safer with superior communications technology and speedier response times during a crisis.

Underserved communities will be the recipients of T-Mobile’s® proposed Project 10Million. After the merger, the company plans to earmark $10 billion to provide free wireless service for 10 million households in a five-year project. The objective is to give low-income students the capability to complete homework online, so they do not fall behind in school. T-Mobile® also would dedicate another $700 million to supply these homes with the necessary hardware to take advantage of the online services. A separate program, called T-Mobile® Connect, would potentially offer prepaid wireless service at half the current price—and this offer would be open to anyone.

The common thread through all of T-Mobile’s® services is a duty to put customers first. With this kind of singular focus, who wouldn’t want to be a customer? Visit T-Mobile® at Grossmont Center today and see what the company can do for you.

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