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Spring is here, and after one of the rainiest winters in recent memory, you’re probably eager to soak up some sun. But locals know that there can still be a chill in the air in San Diego—in addition to April showers, we also have to contend with May gray and June gloom. So how to stay warm on those cold mornings and evenings? Here are some simple and affordable hacks from Grossmont Center to keep you toasty and warm!

Layer, Layer, Layer

T-shirts are great on warm spring afternoons, but in the colder mornings and evenings, well, not so much. Layers are like the Goldilocks of fashion—when you wear them, you’re not too hot or too cold, but just right. While you’re waiting for the fog to burn off or when you’re spending a fun evening out, you’ll want a comfy sweater or a light jacket, and you can even accessorize with a scarf or hat. Whenever you start to feel warm, just peel off a layer! You can choose from great selections of outerwear for men, women, and children at Target or Walmart in Grossmont Center. Even better, because spring fashions are now in stock, you can often find cold-weather clothes and accessories on the sales racks!

Curl Up Under a Throw Blanket

A pleasant night relaxing at home isn’t complete without a few throw blankets you can snuggle under for extra warmth. Cost Plus World Market has a wide variety of stylish throws—chunky knits, cuddly fleece, plush chenille—that can fit in with any style of home decor or color scheme. Plus, using throw blankets to stay warm means you won’t have to turn on your home’s heater, which will save you money on your utility bill!

Get a Cozy Night’s Sleep

When you go to bed on a chilly night, the last thing you want to do is slide in between cold sheets. Brrrr! Instead, create a luxurious and inviting space with a quilt, blanket, or set of soft flannel sheets. Macy’s is a terrific place to buy all types of bedding so you can sleep well—and warmly.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

During sunny days, you may be able to get away with wearing flip-flops, which are practically the official footwear of San Diego. When the temperature dips, however, you’ll want to switch to closed-toe shoes and, most importantly, a comfortable pair of thick socks. You can find both at Famous Footwear—as well as slippers that will keep your feet feeling toasty indoors. Plus, the store regularly offers great deals so that you can get more for your money!

Slip Into a Warm Bath

Had a long day? You can relax and unwind in a warm bath that will chase any chill from your bones. Adding a bath fizz, bubble bath, or body wash in a wonderfully aromatic scent makes the experience even more grand. At Bath & Body Works, you can find an array of aromatic scents—everything from Pink Passionfruit & Banana Flower to Sandalwood Eucalyptus—as well as accessories such as bath sponges and head wraps. Can’t decide on a particular scent? The store’s rotation of special offers allows you to buy multiple products at a discount, so you can try a few different ones to find your favorite.

Fill Your Belly with a Hot Meal

Warm yourself from the inside with a hearty and satisfying meal. A slow cooker or Instant Pot helps you effortlessly whip up a stew, casserole, or braised meat; these must-have appliances are easy to find at Grossmont Center’s anchor stores Walmart, Target, and Macy’s. If you’re dining out on a cold night, you’ll immediately feel better with a nice bowl of soup. If you’ve never tried the Vietnamese rice noodle soup called pho, find out what you’ve been missing at Pholicious, where the dish comes in a variety of flavors with delicious toppings.

Get Moving

Getting your blood pumping with vigorous exercise is the perfect antidote to cold-weather blues. Grossmont Center has gyms with anything you need for your ideal workout, including weights, cardio equipment, group classes, personal trainers, and more. Visit  Chuze Fitness, or Othentik Gym to learn more about the amenities, and affordable membership plans. If a centering, low-impact workout is more your speed, try San Diego Yoga Center and its signature hot yoga classes.


Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you have to feel the chill. Grossmont Center is more than a mall—it’s a terrific shopping destination that has everything you need to stay warm!

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