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The holidays are a time for giving and making those you love most feel special. While the thought of buying presents may sound easy, it can sometimes be a little tricky to think of cool gift ideas for all of your friends and family. Rather than get them a generic box of candy or pair of new socks, take into account their personality and what you think they need in their life. 

Are they creative, adventurous, or a total fitness fanatic? No matter what their passion is, there’s wonderful gifts to match it! Gather all of your inspiration for your holiday shopping this year with our holiday gift guide

Gift ideas for techies

Cool Gift Ideas for the Techy

In an age where technology rules, it can sometimes be a little overwhelming buying for your tech savvy friends and family. Rather than get wild with devices you’ve never even heard of, try sticking to the basics with these cool gift ideas that are useful and fun! 

Wireless Phone Charger

There’s nothing more annoying than a bundle of messy cords. Free up space and give the gift of seamless portability with a wireless phone charger available at Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Block out the noisy distractions of the outside world and enjoy quality audio with noise cancelling headphones. This is a cool gift idea for tech lovers who enjoy their podcasts and music.

Smart Speaker

“Hey Alexa, how many days left until Christmas?” This voice recognition device plays music, answers questions, helps control settings in your house, and more. Make life easier for friends and family with a portable smart speaker!

GoPro Camera

Combine a techy’s love for video with making awesome memories by giving them the GoPro camera. From land to sea and everything in between, this video camera captures all of life’s memorable moments.

Apple Watch

For the tech person who’s always on the go, get them a watch that does much more than tell time! The Apple watch is a multipurpose gift great for texting, calling, fitness tracking, and receiving notifications from your phone.

Gift ideas for homebodies

Cool Gift Ideas for the Homebody

Do you have family that prefer to stay in the comfort of their homes more often than not?  Spoil them in the place they love most with these cool gift ideas that are all about comfort, convenience, and care! 


Slippers are one of the most ideal gift ideas for family members who love to stay at home. Go for a pair of moccasins or keep it classic with UGG slippers. Either way, their feet will stay mighty warm during the cold winter season!

Electric Blanket

A holiday gift guide isn’t complete without a cozy electric blanket. Whether you’re buying for a woman or man, this cool gift idea is definitely a winner. Pick their favorite color or pattern to personalize a bit and call it a day!

At-Home Spa Package

Not everyone likes visiting spas to indulge in self care rituals, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it at home! Gift your friends and family an at-home spa package full of face masks, hair products, nail polishes, and more from Avia Salon & Day Spa.


Something about curling up on the couch with a brand new book soothes the soul. Get some booklist ideas for your loved ones and surprise them with a collection of novels for their reading pleasure.

Bathtub Caddy

Rather than go the usual route of bubble bath products and bath salts, opt for a functional and stylish bathtub caddy. This unique gift idea for family members will make bathtime much more luxurious and convenient!

Gift ideas for cooks

Cool Gift Ideas for the Cook

Give back to your master chef friends who always cook up the best holiday dinners with these cool gift ideas for the kitchen!

Cookware Set

Even the most avid home cooks may not splurge on pricey cookware sets. Spoil them this holiday season with brand new cookware that they’ll be proud to show off in the kitchen!

Kitchen Apron

Aprons aren’t a requirement for the kitchen by any means, but they sure are a cute addition! Go for stylish, funny, or basic kitchen aprons and your cooking friends are guaranteed to fall in love!

Cookbook and Stand

Throw it back to a more traditional time when cookbooks were king and consider this cool gift idea for your loved ones. Top it off with a cookbook stand for added convenience.

Instant Pot

For the cook that does it all, get them an Instant Pot! These multipurpose pots do everything under the sun—pressure cooking, slow cooking, rice cooking, steaming, warming, and sautéing! 

Bread Maker

There’s no way this cool gift idea will go down as crumby! Grab a top-of-the-line bread maker from Target and give your friends the ability to make all the bread they want right at home.

Gift ideas for health fanatics

Cool Gift Ideas for the Health & Fitness Fanatic

Even if running a marathon with your fitness fanatic friend isn’t in the cards for this holiday season, you can still support their healthy lifestyle with a few of these stylish and useful gift ideas!

Personal Blender

Personal blenders are great for people with busy lifestyles and a passion for health. They’re small, portable, and make for delicious smoothies and protein shakes.

Wireless Headphones

Listening to music is one of the biggest motivators for fitness fanatics, but dealing with dangling headphone cords can be quite a nuisance. A cool gift idea for a streamlined workout experience is wireless headphones with Bluetooth capabilities!

Workout Apparel

Gather intel on your friend or loved one’s go-to athletic apparel brand and gift them with new attire! Whether it’s a pair of running shoes or an entire outfit, this present will not disappoint! 


Track daily steps, heart rate, sleep quality, and the number of calories you’ve burned with the FitBit wrist tracker. This gift for family members is a handy tool to chart progress throughout your fitness journey!

Resistance Bands

Need a cool gift idea for the friend that works out at home? Resistance bands are portable, easy-to-use, and extremely efficient when it comes to toning and tightening the muscles.

Gift ideas for home decor lovers

Cool Gift Ideas for Home Decor Lovers

Home is where the heart is, and for decor lovers, the house has got to look good! Channel your inner interior designer this holiday season with these home decor gifts.  

Framed Photos

Sometimes the best holiday gifts are the most meaningful ones. Frame precious photos of your family and friends for a sentimental gift that’s also a beautiful decor piece for their home.

Decorative Dinnerware

Decorative dishes can bring a touch of elegance to any home. Go antiquing for vintage dinnerware or opt for a modern set at Macy’s and your decor-loving friends will be obsessed!

Throw Blankets

Transform an ordinary sofa or chair into a trendy display with a throw blanket or two. This two-in-one present is a total treat because it also doubles as a cozy blanket for nights at home.

Plant Decor

A little plant decor goes a long way when it comes to freshening up a home! Invest in some hanging plant holders or flower vases for a cool gift idea.


Letterboards are a fun and creative gift for family members and friends because they can be used literally anywhere! Hang them up as decor for your home, a message board at work, or even a cute prop for photo shoots. 

Gift ideas for kids

Cool Gift Ideas for the Kids

Shopping for little ones is a dream because they enjoy the simple things in life. Think back to your younger days and surprise your nieces and nephews with these cool gift ideas!

Electric Car

Kids absolutely love their toy cars. Yes, they can be a little bit pricey, but they are a shoe-in when it comes to impressing the kiddos on Christmas morning!

Board Games

Board games are a classic and traditional holiday gift that will never go out of style. Consider the age of the kids you’re buying for and choose from hundreds of exciting games like Twister, Sorry, or Chutes and Ladders.

Indoor Play Set

Bring playtime inside for the chilly winter months with a kids indoor play set from Walmart. Go big if you know your family has the space or try finding a more compact option that brings just as much fun!

Stuffed Animals

If you’re buying for toddlers and younger kids, stuffed animals are always a wonderful idea. Learn about the movie characters they’re currently obsessed with and use that for inspiration!

Play-Doh Set

Little ones absolutely love tactile play and activities with Play-Doh. Grab a set and any cool add-ons like shaping tools and the kids will go crazy for it.

Gift ideas for travelers

Cool Gift Ideas for the Traveler

Wondering what to buy your globe-trotting friends this holiday season? Shoot for these cool gift ideas that bring a touch of comfort, sentiment, and convenience to their many adventures. 

Travel Backpack

Every world traveler needs a travel backpack for their passport, water bottles, wallet, and more. Find a sleek, roomy backpack for effortless transport on flights or try a hiking backpack for your friend that’s always on road trips.

Scratch-Off World Map

Travelers love keeping tabs on their adventures across the globe, so why not get them a map that does the job? Scratch-off world maps are a cool gift idea that not display each place you’ve visited, but also look awesome framed inside your home.

Portable Charger

When your friends backpack across the world, they don’t usually have a lot of time to find outlets to charge devices. That’s where portable chargers come in to save the day. They can charge them up whenever they’re in town and be ready to go as they adventure from place to place! 


Roadtrippin’ calls for killer coolers that keep ice cold for days. Find a durable, insulated cooler for your friend or family member and they’ll be set for ice cold beers as they offroad through the backcountry!

Neck Pillow

Long flights to foreign destinations can be uncomfortable and cramped. Make sleeping and relaxing much sweeter with a simple neck pillow.

Gift ideas for creatives

Cool Gift Ideas for the: Creative

Holiday shopping for your creative loved ones calls for some creativity on your end as well! Start with these cool gift ideas that give them multiple outlets for their creative expression.

Pottery Painting Date

No matter if your artsy friends love painting, drawing, or sculpting, they’ll get a kick out of going on a pottery painting date at the CeramiCafe. Choose your own sculptures, paint them up, and take the final product home once finished!

Adult Coloring Book

Coloring books aren’t just for kids! This cool gift idea is not only a wonderful creative outlet, it’s also a great way to relieve stress and anxiety.

Polaroid Camera

Polaroid cameras are back, baby! If you have artistic friends who have an interest in photography, buy them a trendy polaroid camera to start taking some retro-style pics.

Graphic Art Tablet

With so much technology at the tips of our fingers, lots of art can be done digitally. Swap out the typical sketching pad present with a graphic art tablet that allows for a unique drawing experience. 

Calligraphy Kit

Does your loved one have an interest in calligraphy? Get them all the tools and supplies they need with a complete calligraphy set full of custom pens and colors!

Whether you’re gift shopping for the techy, cook, or health fanatic, there are plenty of cool gift ideas to bring a smile to their face this holiday season. Gather inspiration from our holiday gift guide and remember, it’s always the thought that counts!

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