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As Shakespeare wrote, “If music be the food of love, play on.” Anyone who loves making music will be able to play on at Guitar Center, which has established itself as the world’s largest retailer of music equipment during its 55-year history.

Musicians of all skill levels come to the Grossmont Center location to check out the amazing selection: instruments that include guitars, drums, and keyboards, as well as gear such as amplifiers, lighting rigs, sound equipment for live shows and studio recording, and DJ necessities including turntables and microphones. 

“The ability to play music is an incredible gift, and we want to give that gift to all of our customers,” says Manager Ian Woodward. “That could mean offering great deals on new and used instruments, conducting in-store lessons, and even selling bongos and bell sets that make the perfect first instrument for a little kid. We have plenty of talented working musicians as customers, but we also welcome people who have never played a note so that they can discover how much fun it is to make music.”

Understandably, guitars are a big deal at Guitar Center—they are in the name, after all! All of the top brands are here: Fender®, Taylor®, C.F. Martin & Co.®, Gibson®, Yamaha, and Epiphone®, among others. It is a top-notch selection of acoustic and electric guitars—as well as bass guitars—that boasts classic styles as well as true rock star colors such as turquoise blue, cherry red, and mint green. You can also pick up guitar accessories, including replacement strings, straps, and cases.

You can’t have a great rock band without drums! Guitar Center has you covered with drum kits, electronic drum sets, monitors, cymbals, snares, and kick pedals, as well as unique percussion instruments such as bongos, djembes, timbales, and cajons. (Need more cowbell? Buy one here, too!) Keyboards and digital pianos are also considered part of the percussion family, and Guitar Center offers plenty of both, as well as MIDI controllers. (For music newbies, MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface and is used with a computer to produce cool sounds.)

Of course, rock is only one type of music. Jazz and classical musicians will enjoy shopping at Guitar Center for its array of brass (trumpet, trombone), woodwind (alto saxophone, clarinet), and orchestral string (violin) instruments, as well as all the necessary accessories. You can even find folk-style instruments such as accordions and ukuleles here, too. There are new and used versions of all types of instruments, in order to make playing music affordable and accessible for anyone. 

Once you have an instrument picked out, you can start making music—but why not turn things up to 11 with high-powered amplifiers? Other interesting gear and equipment sold at Guitar Center include effects processors, Bluetooth PA systems, speakers, DJ mixers, subwoofers, wireless in-ear monitors, and the Apple Complete Recording Studio with Mac Mini v8. Don’t forget to also purchase staples such as sheet music, cables, stands, battery packs, tuners, acoustic panels, carts, stage tape, earplugs, and more!

For many people, playing music isn’t just a job or a passion but a lifestyle. For them, Guitar Center stocks music-themed apparel, posters, jewelry, and fun items such as drumstick-shaped pencils and pens and even a mouse pad that looks like a guitar pick. 

Guitar Center’s super-knowledgeable sales team will help amateurs and pros alike find whatever they need and can talk shop with customers for a really satisfying buying experience. The store also offers several services. Among the most popular are the in-store music lessons, which are offered in 30- and 60-minute sessions. Experienced teachers offer private instruction in guitar, bass, keyboards, and drums so that students can progress at their own pace; vocal coaching and group lessons are also available. In addition to music lessons, Guitar Center is a go-to for repairs, instrument and equipment rentals, and technical support. Because getting a high-quality music instrument is a significant investment, the shop features purchasing options including layaway plans and the Guitar Center Gear Card with financing options and monthly payments. It is also a wise move to invest in Pro Coverage to take care of any future repairs you may need. Available for new and used equipment, it covers damage caused by everything from power surges to accidental drops. 

Because Guitar Center believes so thoroughly in the power of music, the retailer has a charitable giving program that supports music teachers and music education initiatives. The company also promotes musicians and manufacturers with interviews, performance videos, product demos, and gear tips on its website

With such an incredibly deep inventory, Guitar Center offers musicians and music lovers thousands of reasons to come in and visit. Add a vintage guitar to your collection, pick up some new amps for your upcoming concert gig, or buy a drum kit for your son’s garage band (and maybe some soundproofing panels for your garage). You can do all of that, and so much more when you come to the Grossmont Center outpost of the renowned and reliable music store. Play on! 

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