Girls Get Their First Taste of Fashion at Claire’s

For most girls, shopping at Claire’s is a rite of passage. Stop by the Grossmont Center location, and you will see youngsters, feeling a mix of excitement and nerves, getting their ears pierced for the first time as their mothers watch. Meanwhile, preteens are picking out a fun lip gloss and “BFF” necklaces to share, and teens are buying a feathery dreamcatcher or rose gold Eiffel Tower-shaped jewelry hanger for their dorm room. The selection of delightful children’s accessories and fun and fashionable items for teens and young women means Claire’s has something for every budding fashionista.

“It is so great to work here,” says Manager M’Lissa Crew. “Every member of our team really enjoys helping customers find a great bracelet or set of stud earrings for a special occasion, showing them how to tie together accessories to complete a look, or testing out an eyeshadow shade. It is all about helping girls develop their own unique sense of style.”

Claire’s has plenty of options for each customer to craft their own individual look. Take earrings, for example. There are whimsical unicorns, glittery stars, rainbow butterflies, or emoji designs that are perfect for an elementary school-age student with pierced ears. For special occasions such as school dances, older girls can find a pair of rhinestone drop earrings or classic studs with pearls, cubic zirconia, or even diamonds. More sophisticated looks can be created with ear cuffs, hoops, or a titanium heart that can be worn in the cartilage of the upper ear.

Safe and sanitary piercing services are available in store for the ears, nose, or belly button—it is what Claire’s likes to call a “Piercing Party.” Piercing specialists can also help parents and their children get started on first-time piercings with kits that include a choice of earrings as well as an after-care cleanser that will keep the new piercings in great shape.

And that’s just the earrings! Claire’s also carries a terrific assortment of bracelets, anklets, rings, toe rings, faux jewelry meant to mimic piercings, and jewelry sets for a truly put-together look. Necklaces are also popular for the sheer number of designs on display. Girls can wear charms that reflect their hobbies or astrological signs, pendants shaped out of their initials, or necklaces adorned with their glimmering birthstone. Particularly beloved are the “best friend” necklace sets, where two or three people can buy matching pendants to declare allegiance to each other and their friendship.

Aside from jewelry, Claire’s is also well known for its hair accessories. Girls can create fun styles with headbands, hair ties, head wraps, clips, bows, and flowers. For more elaborate ‘dos, there are also tools that can easily create beautiful buns, French twists, braids, and more. Feeling funky? There are clip-on hair extensions in natural hair colors—or more unnatural vibrant hues such as pink and aqua—as well as temporary spray-on hair color and glitter. If a girl has a fancy event coming up, a lovely tiara made of crystals, glass stones, or rhinestones will have her feeling elegant and regal.

There are plenty of everyday accessories, too, and they are for more than just the hair. Complete a new outfit, or make an old outfit look fresh with the addition of a scarf, hat, sunglasses, pin, gloves, socks, or even ear muffs. These accessories are a great way to stay on trend without having to spend a lot of money. Other fashion finds include tutus, robes, and printed tank tops.

Claire’s is the perfect place for one-stop shopping because it also has a nice beauty section. Girls can have fun creating makeup looks with magnetic false eyelashes, colorful lip kits, iridescent skin gems to highlight different facial features, and other playful tools. Pick up accessories such as makeup brushes as well as makeup bags and cases. If a customer doesn’t have time for a manicure, she can pop on a set of faux nails in an array of colors and cool nail art designs. Claire’s also offers nail polishes in sweet pastels or eye-popping shimmery shades, as well as personal care products such as scented bath bombs, refreshing body sprays, bath soaps, and sheet masks to highlight the natural beauty of anyone’s complexion. Personal style extends to a girl’s room, too. Claire’s sells wall art, room decor, stationery and other chic items that give a space a special, individual touch.

Girls and young women who need help deciding from among all these choices can rely on the expert guidance of the sales associates. They are friendly, professional, attentive, and very knowledgeable about what will work best for each customer. With the fantastic products and fantastic customer service, it is easy to see why Claire’s continues to be the place girls and young women go to discover the many ways they can express themselves through fashion. It is the store where girls can develop their signature look and show the world how uniquely special they are.

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