Get the Full Story on Barnes & Noble®

Clear your calendar If you plan on shopping at Barnes & Noble® at Grossmont Center. This store is such a treasure trove of books, toys, gifts, and so much more that you could easily spend hours browsing the shelves and making amazing discoveries!

Barnes & Noble® has a long and illustrious history in the book business—its roots date back to 1873—and over the years it has become more than a bookstore. In fact, the company calls its locations “superstores” and that sums it up perfectly. Books still play a starring role, of course, with everything from autobiographies to young adult novels sharing shelf space with all the hottest page-turners and bestsellers. Book lovers come to Barnes & Noble® for the great selection, as well as the great deals. Even popular titles are offered at a discount, and there are other promotions that are appreciated by avid readers who can’t leave the store without multiple books in their shopping bag. Don’t forget to check out the clearance section while you are there, which offers all kinds of books at even larger discounts!

But books are only part of the story at Barnes & Noble®. The Grossmont Center location includes an engaging toy section that features games, craft and activity sets, action figures, stuffed animals, and anything else a kid—or a kid at heart—could want. Find perfect gifts, ranging from tote bags to stationery to soaps to home decor accessories. Complete your gift with just the right greeting card from Barnes & Noble’s® eclectic selection—and you can slip in a store gift card, too! As with the books, there are sales and promotions for these items, too, so you can get more for your money. Between these seasonal promotions and everyday deals, Barnes & Noble® is a marvelous place to shop.

With so much to choose from, the sheer variety of items could seem overwhelming to some people. Helpful and knowledgeable staffers make finding a specific book or gift extremely simple. Plus, they’re also happy to order an item if you can’t find it in the store. Another outstanding aspect of the exceptional customer service at Barnes & Noble® is the B&N Membership. For the annual $25 fee, members get a whopping 40% off the list price for hardcover bestsellers and 10% off just about everything else in the store, as well as members-only coupons and promotions. Buying books couldn’t be easier and more affordable!

The Center’s Barnes & Noble® store is a community gathering place, much like Grossmont Center itself. The inviting atmosphere in the bookstore encourages customers to drop in and stay for a while. It also helps that there is a Starbucks on the premises. Buy a couple of magazines and flip through them while savoring a latte or Frappuccino®. Barnes & Noble® also hosts many community events that draw crowds. Attend a reading and book signing by a local author on one day and go to a Harry Potter party on the next, while picking up the next selection for the store’s Book Club meeting. Young readers love the store’s entertaining and educational storytimes for kids and their families. The Grossmont Center store also promotes literacy and education through worthy initiatives such as Educator Appreciation Shopping Weekends, where teachers can enjoy discounts and free coffee.

This community spirit makes the Center’s Barnes & Noble® an enjoyable place to shop—and to work. As store manager Teresa McClatchy says, “The customer base and families here are great. I also enjoy the events Grossmont Center hosts.”

Barnes & Noble® is the best bookstore in La Mesa, and it is the place to go for the hot new thriller written by your favorite mystery writer or a classic children’s novel you can’t wait to read with your kids. The special shopping experience that you can have here is one of the many reasons why Grossmont Center is more than a mall. The Center’s collection of terrific shops and restaurants all aim to provide unparalleled customer service that keeps people coming back for more. It is a wonderful place to come and spend some time—and you’re sure to spend a lot of time at Barnes & Noble®. So free up an afternoon or evening, make a list of the books you want to read, and come hunt for treasure at Barnes & Noble®!

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