One bite of Greek food and you can feel instantly transported to a magical island of sun-drenched cobalt blue seas and bright white villas. You may not be able to jet off to Greece at a moment’s notice, but you can enjoy the country’s delicious and healthy cuisine anytime at Greek Gyros right here at Grossmont Center.

“We serve fresh Greek food at affordable prices,” says owner Sarmad Alkhameesi. “This type of food is especially flavorful, and we bring out the best of those flavors by using high-quality ingredients.”

Those ingredients include juicy tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, tangy feta cheese, and zesty lemons. They are the foundation for mouthwatering dishes such as spanakopita, dolmades, kabobs, and, of course, gyros. They can be ordered in plate servings, which boast hearty portions as well a choice of salad and the signature Greek tzatziki sauce. Most of the plate servings also come with fresh and soft pita bread on the side that is lightly toasted to give it warmth and a pleasing bit of texture. That pita bread is also a highlight of sandwiches that come stuffed with gyros meat, chicken, falafel, steak and cheese, or fresh veggies.

You can also add a side dish to your order. These tasty options include onion rings, zucchini or mozzarella sticks, hummus, and the savory Greek fries that are sprinkled with a special seasoning blend. Craving lighter fare? Try the terrific Avgolemono Soup, which combines lemon, chicken, rice, egg, and vegetables and transforms them into a bowl of Greek comfort food perfect for cooler weather. There are also several salads to choose from. The traditional Greek salad features tomatoes, peppers, onions, cucumbers, and feta cheese, all topped with the house dressing. You can enjoy the salad as-is, or add some gyro meat or chicken. Meals can be accompanied by your choice of fountain drink, iced tea, lemonade, bottled water, or fruit punch. Don’t forget to order dessert—the baklava is a scrumptious Greek pastry that is the perfect finish to any meal!

For many people in the community, this is the go-to spot for Greek food. In addition to a filling and satisfying meal, customers also appreciate the attentive service at Greek Gyros. The friendly staff makes every effort to get orders out promptly, which is especially helpful for families on their way to a movie, people who need to grab a bite while running errands, or coworkers out for a quick lunch break.

Greek Gyros is one of several restaurants in our food court that are locally owned businesses. When you buy local by eating at one of these establishments, you will get a meal prepared and served with great care. These hard-working owners try to go the extra mile to make customers happy by accommodating special requests and providing quality meals at great prices.

It is important to support independent entrepreneurs by shopping local. A thriving small business community is vital to the La Mesa economy, contributing sales tax revenue that can be used to fund municipal projects make the city a great place to live. These local businesses also offer something above and beyond the run of the mill. Unique goods and services are their specialty, and the owners tend to be hands on in running their shops and restaurants. That means they are well-acquainted with what customers need and want and can tailor their inventory or menus accordingly. Locally owned businesses are typically invested in the community they serve, and the independent tenants at Grossmont Center are no exception. They are the heroes—or in this case, “gyros”—of La Mesa!

The next time you are craving a taste of Greece, come to Greek Gyros and enjoy the vibrant flavors of the Mediterranean. No airplane ticket required!


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