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How many times a day do you use your cell phone? Between texting, writing emails, checking social media, surfing the Internet, streaming videos, playing games, and, yes, even answering the occasional call, your phone is probably your constant companion. That is why you need a reliable device and wireless plan, and you can find both at Sprint® at Grossmont Center. 

“Getting a new phone or plan can involve a lot of details,” says Steve Palander, Sprint® store manager. “You have to factor in data usage, the number of lines you need, the type of phone you want, price points, and other important considerations. We want customers to be informed, not overwhelmed, by all these choices, so our customer service goal is to explain all the different options and help people choose what works best for them. We can help sort through all these details so that customers leave our store with a phone that is ready to be used immediately.”

The Grossmont Center location is an authorized Sprint® retailer. You can find all the latest and greatest mobile phones from the top brands, including Apple, Samsung, and LG. The knowledgeable sales associates can fill you in on all the features for each device and get you up to speed on how they work. To make purchasing a cell phone even easier, Sprint® offers financing plans and annual upgrades on certain models.

Of course, your cell phone is only as good as your wireless plan—and Sprint® offers some terrific options. All of the wireless plans (for smartwatches and tablets as well as phones) include the company’s signature unlimited data, talk, and text nationwide. International travelers also appreciate the free text and basic data that comes with Global Roaming in 200 places around the world. These Unlimited plans come in Basic, Plus, and Premium variations; depending on which one you choose, you can enjoy high-definition streaming, mobile hotspots, and other attractive features. Sprint® also has special Unlimited plans for customers age 55 and older as well as members of the armed forces. The company prides itself on giving customers monthly plans that are fair and worry free, without surprise charges that can inflate your bill.

Sales associates can help customers find the right products and plans for both personal and business needs. The goal is to connect people with high-quality wireless communications while also providing a first-class service experience. In addition to mobile phones, the Grossmont Center Sprint® store sells smartwatches and tablets from all the top brands. You will also find unique products that can become indispensable to your daily life. For instance, the Tracker featuring Safe & Found from Sprint® is a compact device you can attach to luggage, pet collars, bikes, keys, and your other belongings that will prevent them from being lost, thanks to location tracking. The Tracker is also water resistant, has a long battery life, and works with both Android and iOS devices. 

If you have a long commute, or spend hours on the road each week running errands or shuttling carpools for your kids, then Sprint® Drive may just revolutionize your drive time. Put this small device in your car, and you will be plugged into an amazing list of amenities. Chief among them is an in-car LTE wireless hotspot that can be used to connect up to eight devices for your passengers. On top of this on-the-go connectivity, Sprint® Drive also offers vehicle location tracking (ideal for parents of newly licensed teen drivers!), around-the-clock roadside assistance for issues such as flat tires or dead batteries, mileage tracking, alerts on your car’s performance, and much more. This device turns any vehicle into a smart vehicle!

Sprint® Drive, like all of the company’s products, benefits from a rapidly evolving wireless network, with prime coverage throughout the United States.Sprint® recently introduced its LTE Advanced network, which boasts speeds up to two times faster than its 4G LTE network. These speeds allow you and your devices to keep up in a fast-paced world and get connected to what you need more quickly than ever before. 

Staying connected is important in this world, whether it is taking an important business call, sending photos of the grandkids to your parents, or keeping up with friends on social media. Sprint® offers you the security that comes with a reliable connection and trustworthy, technologically up-to-date devices. You also have the added reassurance that you are getting the most for your money because Sprint® consistently offers valuable deals and promotions. Factor in the attentive and efficient customer service, and you can see why Sprint® is a great place to shop for your next phone, tablet, or wireless plan. Come visit the store at Grossmont Center today and get connected to the world in a whole new way!

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