Fun Ways to Stay Active This Summer

Kids are out of school, the days are longer and sunnier, and our schedules aren’t quite as fast-paced as they are during other times of the year. Summer is here! It’s time to get active and enjoy everything our community has to offer.

Grossmont Center is a great place to visit any time of the year. That’s especially true as the Center offers a lot of fun and healthy ways to stay active throughout the summer. Plan a visit and try out one of the engaging suggestions below to get your heart rate pumping and your body moving—it will make you healthier and happier!

Take a Stroll Fun Ways to Stay Active This Summer

Turn your next shopping trip at GC into a workout. At Guest Services, there are free walking maps, complete with step counts and a range of routes at different distances; even women whose babies can’t yet walk can hit their stride with the Mom’s Power Hour Map that’s perfect for a stroller workout. For a more social spin on walking, come to GC on Saturday mornings and join the Grossmont Center Mall Walkers group. A good walk at Grossmont Center with great company is sure to put a spring in your step!

Join a Gym

One of the best ways to stay active is to join a gym where you have all kinds of workout equipment that allow you to find a form of exercise you love. Fitness centers such as Chuze Fitness are popular because they offer something for everyone, including free weights, cardio equipment, circuit training, and group classes ranging from Zumba to cycling. If you’re looking for a workout with more structure, Othentik Gym specializes in personalized training or small group classes led by mentor teachers who will make you sweat in high intensity interval training (HIIT), boxing, martial arts, and other disciplines that will push you towards your peak condition.

Get Your Groove On

Take the “work” out of working out by letting the music move you while you dance! Dance Dayz Studio offers dance-infused workouts such as barre and mat classes to help give you a dancer’s physique, as well as adult tap dance. There are also a range of classes for kids of all ages, including parent participation sessions for your tiny dancer. And this summer at Grossmont Center, dancing isn’t limited to a studio—check out the outdoor Summer Concert Series for live music that’s sure to have you up and dancing. (And visit the Shop Local Market that takes place before each concert to get some more walking in while you look for great deals from GC merchants.) On July 27, the Bayou Brothers will play lively zydeco, followed on August 31 by The Cat*illacs and some swinging jazz. Bring your dancing shoes!

Strike a (Yoga) Pose

Yoga is a terrific way to stay active! Bild muscle with weight-bearing poses while also cultivating a feeling of relaxation that helps reduce stress. For newcomers, hot yoga can be especially beneficial as the heat promotes deeper stretching and flexibility. SD Yoga Center is a leader in hot yoga, with plenty of classes, towel and mat rentals. Check out special introductory rates that are ideal for first-timers. And if hot yoga seems too hot for you in the middle of summer, the center has plenty of non-heated classes, too!

Get the Kids Out of the House

If you’re not careful, your kids can spend an entire day just staring at one kind of screen or another. Children need at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day, and they can get that at Grossmont Center. For young kids, the Playground is like a dream come true, filled with bouncy ball pits, basketball hoops, kiddie cars, climbing equipment, and much more. Plus, it’s safe, clean, and affordable, so parents are happy, too! Many of GC’s fitness centers also offer options for kids to exercise; for instance, SD Gymnastics offers classes for kids ages 9 months to 18 years old, as well as summer camps to keep them moving.

Don’t forget that it’s important to keep kids’ minds active as well as their bodies during summertime. Children can learn more about the engineering wizardry on view at the Center’s unique Model Train Display run by the San Diego S-Gaugers club. You can also let kids explore their creativity at CeramiCafe, where they can paint a piece of pottery that serves as a memento of a fun summer.

Make Exercise a Lifetime Habit

You’re never too old to stay fit! In fact, older adults who find ways to stay active on a regular basis boost their mental, emotional, and even their physical health. San Diego Oasis caters to the older adults in La Mesa and the surrounding community by offering several classes that focus on physical activity. Hatha yoga, fitness for balance and building bones, as well as stretching are just some of the exercise classes offered in packages or a la carte.

So this summer, get up and get moving—to Grossmont Center! You’ll find plenty of terrific ways to have a fun and active, summer.



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