For Fish Tacos and More, Rubio’s® Coastal Grill is a Real Catch

For many people, a fish taco is one of life’s true culinary pleasures. Perfectly seasoned fresh fish is grilled or breaded and fried, then topped with crunchy, cool cabbage and a piquant sauce before being wrapped up in a tasty tortilla. It used to be that to get an authentic fish taco, you had to travel down to Baja and find a little surfside taqueria dishing them out. Now, these tacos can be easily found across the country—including Grossmont Center!—at Rubio’s® Coastal Grill.

Founder Ralph Rubio discovered fish tacos during college surf trips to Mexico. He loved the taste of the tacos so much that he learned how to make them and opened a little taco stand in San Diego. That stand has now grown into a Mexican food restaurant empire that serves The Original Fish Taco® as well as many other mouthwatering dishes.

“It is so special to work at Rubio’s® Coastal Grill because it started in San Diego, so people here know the name and love the food,” says General Manager Lydia Cardenes. “This is the place to come for fresh, flavorful Mexican dishes. We have the tacos and burritos people crave, but we are also always innovating and coming up with new and delicious dishes so that customers have a lot to choose from on our menu.”

Rubio’s® Coastal Grill is known for its inventive recipes that marry flavors from Mexico and the coast. Take, for instance, the seasonal menus. The most recent one drew on the flavors of Oaxaca to come up with dishes such as the Smoky Oaxacan Shrimp Bowl, a tantalizing mix of grilled ancho shrimp, fresh guacamole, cotija cheese, black beans, romaine lettuce, salsa fresca, citrus rice, and a four-chile sauce. You can’t find this at just any Mexican restaurant!

The creativity, however, isn’t limited to special menus. All of the regular offerings at Rubio’s® Coastal Grill spark the taste buds with bright flavors. The dishes also please the eye as well as the palate, thanks to the colorful, fresh ingredients and the attractive presentation of the food. This is even more impressive when you consider that Rubio’s® Coastal Grill is a fast-casual restaurant that fulfills orders quickly and boasts affordable prices.

Naturally, seafood is a specialty here. The Original Fish Taco® is a must, of course. (And USA Today readers agree, having voted it the top fish taco in California in the Readers’ Poll Best of 2018!) A stone-ground corn tortilla is stuffed with beer-battered wild Alaska Pollock, cabbage, and a perfect pairing of white sauce and mild salsa. Other seafood taco options include mahi-mahi, wild Alaska salmon, and shrimp. Can’t choose? Try The Coastal Trio®, which includes The Original Fish Taco®, Salsa Verde Shrimp Taco, and Wild-Caught Mahi Mahi Taco. Tacos can be ordered a la carte or in Two-Taco Plates with sides such as tortilla chips, Mexican rice, and “no fried” pinto beans.™

You can also sample the seafood in one of the generously sized burritos, which are stuffed to bursting with rice, salsas, cheese, fire-roasted corn, and much more. Aside from seafood, the tacos and burritos also have options made with all-natural steak or chicken. You can’t go wrong with any of these choices!

Other popular selections at Rubio’s® Coastal Grill are salads and savory bowls. The Cilantro Lime Quinoa Bowl is crafted with either chicken or grilled seafood, plus brown rice, quinoa, romaine lettuce, Hass avocado, black beans, grilled vegetables, toasted almonds, and a zingy Cilantro Lime Mojo Sauce. With so many healthy, fresh ingredients, this is a bounty of goodness all in one meal!

The menu is rounded out with quesadillas, nachos, and the Bean & Cheese Burrito, which is perfect for kids. Speaking of the little ones, there are special kids’ meals ideal for smaller appetites. Entree choices include the Bean & Cheese Burrito, a quesadilla (either cheese or chicken), Chicken Taquitos, and a Chicken Bowl, as well as the new Kids Dippers (either Crispy Chicken Bites & Fries or Hand-Battered Fish & Fries). Kids can also choose two sides; in addition to beans and rice, the offerings include Motts® Applesauce and a Warm Cinnamon Churro. 

Complete a meal at Rubio’s® Coastal Grill with a refreshing beverage or sweet dessert.  An array of popular fountain drinks is always on tap; certain locations also serve beer and sangria. Finish things off with a delicious dessert, such as the Caramel Ganache Brownie, Limon Coconut Bar, or a choice of cookie, either Snickerdoodle or Ghirardelli Chocolate Chip Oatmeal. (And if you covet your kid’s churros from their meal, don’t worry; you can order some, too.)

Rubio’s® Coastal Grill has long held a reputation for quality food, ever since that first San Diego taco stand. But this Mexican food restaurant chain is also renowned for its quality service. Employees work hard to give customers a satisfying experience, whether they dine in or order food to go. With attentive service and cheerful attitudes, employees go the extra mile to keep customers happy and coming back for more delicious food time and again. So the next time you are craving a fish taco, you could head to Baja—or you could just go to Grossmont Center and visit Rubio’s® Coastal Grill!

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