Find Your Strength at Chuze Fitness

If you have decided that this is the month you will start getting into shape, Chuze Fitness La Mesa will make sure you meet your goal. That is because this gym does not give you any excuses for skipping a workout. It is conveniently located at Grossmont Center with plenty of parking, has a terrific selection of exercise equipment and a variety of classes, and the friendly, high-energy atmosphere is welcoming to everyone regardless of their fitness level.

“Our motto is ‘Less Attitude, More Fitness!’” says Manager Carlos Enriques. “We create a supportive, non-threatening environment, so anyone can be comfortable working out here. Our gym members are dedicated to their health and well-being, and our staff is trained to encourage that dedication. There is no posing or preening here, and no judgement—the focus is on meeting fitness goals.”

Working Out

One of the first things that is immediately noticeable upon entering the 18,000-square-foot gym is how clean it is. Members and guests often comment on the pristine condition of the equipment and facilities. (There are no funky gym smells here!) Chuze Fitness also provides a bright, lively space, with upbeat music and multiple TVs. The atmosphere is perfect for getting members pumped up for their workouts.

At Chuze Fitness, you do not have to waste valuable time waiting around for a machine to open up. Chuze Fitness has more than 80 pieces of cardio equipment, such as treadmills, rowing, and elliptical machines, and more than 45 pieces of strength equipment as well as free weights. Machines are spread out over the facility’s upper and lower levels; upstairs, there are also rooms devoted to personal training, circuit training, and indoor cycling.

Plenty of Fitness Classes Offered

The ever-popular cycling classes are part of a diverse group exercise lineup. Each week, you can choose from more than 30 fitness classes such as yoga, Pilates Fusion, Zumba, boot camp, Tone n Sculpt, and many more. The gym also offers classes from the New Zealand-based Les Mills fitness program. All of these fitness classes offer a fun workout led by professional fitness instructors who are experts in working with everyone from beginners to gym regulars. Group exercise classes at Chuze Fitness are a great way to get fit, stay motivated, and be held accountable.

Now Offering On-Demand Workouts

Whether you are at home or at the gym, Chuze Fitness is committed to your health, both physically and mentally. They are now offering On-Demand Workouts geared towards keeping you healthy. With a wide variety of different workouts to do at home, you can continue to take care of your health no matter where you happen to be.

Gym Memberships

Chuze Fitness has two gym membership tiers. The Basic level provides access to a single Chuze location, and gym members can use all equipment, the Express Circuit, and the turf training area. Premium gym membership builds upon that and also adds admittance to all Chuze gyms and group classes, as well as unlimited guest privileges. Another attractive aspect of the Premium membership is that you get to use the gym’s tanning beds and the hydromassage machine, which is an incredibly soothing way to relax muscles after a grueling workout. Both gym membership packages are affordably priced, opening the doors of fitness to as many people as possible!

Amenities at Chuze Fitness

Other amenities include a water bottle filling station, impeccable showers and changing rooms, lockers with built-in combination locks (no padlock required!), and healthy drinks and snacks available for purchase. Perhaps the best amenity of all is the unsurpassed level of customer service. Chuze Fitness employees love their job, and it shows in the way they treat their members and guests. Staffers greet everyone with a smile, ensure the fitness center is spotless, and are always eager to help answer any questions. Newcomers to exercise are especially welcome, and the employees work hard to put them at ease. Training classes are even available to get beginners started off on the right foot on their fitness journey.

Supporting Local Businesses

The team behind Chuze Fitness recognized a need in the community for an affordably priced gym that still offered all the perks of a high-end facility. Small businesses such as our Shop Local tenants are adept at spotting a retail niche that needs filling, thereby providing a valuable service. When you shop local, you help support the luxury of more choices in places that offer a wide array of unique goods and services. Buying local is also good for business. When you buy local, these entrepreneurs thrive—they create more jobs, grow and expand their business, and contribute valuable sales tax revenue to the city. In short, a membership at Chuze Fitness is a healthy choice for you and the entire community!

Make this year the year that you focus on wellness and your health. Stop by and see how Chuze Fitness can take the work out of working out and make exercise a pleasure, not a chore. It can change your life for the better!


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