Find Your Superpower at The Vitamin Shoppe®

Have you been feeling listless and rundown lately? Maybe a lack of energy has you dragging yourself out the door every morning, or poor nutritional habits leave you crabby and fatigued by the middle of the afternoon. Perhaps you have a cold coming on—or even worse, your kids do. Your busy life requires you to move faster than a speeding bullet and leap tall buildings in a single bound like a superhero, but in reality, you feel weaker than Clark Kent. That’s when 

The Vitamin Shoppe® can come to your rescue and give you back your superpowers!

The Grossmont Center location is like a wonderland of wellness in La Mesa. The store stocks just about everything you need to support your health goals: protein bars and powders, supplements, vitamins, weight maintenance products, natural beauty and skin care, homeopathic remedies, and so much more. As the national chain itself proclaims, The Vitamin Shoppe® is “Team You” when it comes to your health.

“Our goal is to give every customer who walks in the door individualized attention because everyone has their own special health needs,” Manager Rudy Esparza says. “All of our team members are trained Health Enthusiasts® who use their knowledge and expertise to help customers find the right products for optimal wellness. We won’t upsell them or try to sell them products they don’t need. We want people to walk out the door feeling great about their experience here, and confident that they have everything they need to make positive lifestyle changes.” 

The Health Enthusiasts® are especially helpful at winnowing down choices from among the thousands of items in stock at The Vitamin Shoppe®. In addition to its own namesake line, the store carries trusted brands including Garden of Life®, Nordic Naturals®, Barlean’s Organic Oils, Nutiva®, and Vitafusion™, among many others. 

The vitamin selection alone is impressive. There are multivitamins for men, women, and children, as well as the so-called “letter vitamins” A, B, C, D, and E. For an extra nutritional boost, try one of the whole-food multivitamins that are, like their name implies, derived from dehydrated whole foods. All of these options allow you to tailor your choices for maximum health support.

Supplements run the gamut, from amino acids to omega-3s. They come in many forms, such as soft gel capsules, gummies, liquid extracts, or oils. If gut health is a major concern for you, there are plenty of digestion options, such as probiotics, enzymes, fiber, and cleansing detox products. Perhaps you are searching for a weight-loss solution that actually works; if that’s the case, The Vitamin Shoppe® has plenty of products that support appetite and metabolism, control excess water in the body, and provide necessary nutrients in the form of meal replacement shakes, powders, or bars. 

While vitamins and supplements are certainly beneficial, they are most effective when they are part of a well-rounded eating plan. For instance, start the morning with a produce-packed smoothie enhanced with wheatgrass, flax seeds, or organic cacao nibs, all sold at The Vitamin Shoppe®. The store also carries healthy cereals and oatmeal, nuts, coffee and tea, nut butters, good-for-you snacks such as popcorn and trail mix, and pantry staples such as gluten-free flour, salad dressings, cooking oils, and natural sweeteners. You can even keep up with your healthy eating habits wherever you go with the shop’s selection of drink containers, lunch bags, and food storage containers!

The pursuit of wellness is a lifestyle choice, and The Vitamin Shoppe® has you covered in every area. Try an herbal sleep aid or energy booster for natural ways to stay balanced in both mind and body. Fill your medicine cabinet and bathroom vanity drawers with natural skin care, toothpaste, makeup, and personal care products. Create a non-toxic home environment with an array of cleaning supplies. Or purify your surroundings with water filtration systems or  Himalayan salt lamps, the latter of which are purported to improve air quality. 

After the helpful sales associates assist you in making your selections, be sure to sign up for The Vitamin Shoppe®’s VIP program. With Healthy Awards®, you earn points on every dollar spent on purchases. Those points can be cashed in for rewards such as discounts and exclusive offers. Certain membership levels of the Healthy Awards® program also are entitled to perks such as a birthday surprise, early access to promotional offers, and Choose Your Own Sale Day, which gives you great discounts when you want them. It is also a smart idea to keep up with The Vitamin Shoppe’s® deals by visiting Grossmont Center’s promotions page.

Superheroes don’t need capes—they just need The Vitamin Shoppe®, which has everything needed for strength, energy, and vitality. Discover the power that comes from living a life of health and wellness, and come in today to find the products that are just right for you!

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