If you feel stuck in your job, transform your dead-end career into a delicious one at the National Culinary School at Grossmont Center. You will gain the skills and knowledge you need to launch yourself into the exciting world of the culinary arts!

“Our goal is to help our students develop their passion for cooking into a viable career by offering high-quality educational programs at affordable prices,” says owner Shena. “With the assistance of our job placement program, students have gone on to work at cruise ships, resorts, and prestigious San Diego restaurants such as Puesto.”

National Culinary School provides a comprehensive education by starting with foundational techniques and moving onto advanced skills. Areas covered in classes include presentation, nutritional value, and food costs, as well as the importance of how food tastes. Class sizes are deliberately limited to no more than 15 students so each one can get individualized attention and instruction.

Two full-time diploma programs are offered at National Culinary School, which meet Mondays through Fridays. During the five-month Culinary Arts Program, students are immersed in the world of professional cooking. They will develop the knack to work collaboratively as a team in the kitchen, hone their palate to distinguish flavors, and learn how to work at the speed necessary for professional chefs.

The program’s 400 instructional hours are divided into four modules of study that encompass everything from kitchen safety and sanitation to the fundamentals of major international cuisines. It is an invigorating experience—students can work on their knife skills, learn how to make scrumptious sauces, test their prowess in a restaurant simulation, and much more, all in a matter of weeks!

For students more interested in the sweet side of a menu than the savory, there is a full-time diploma curriculum just for them. The Baking & Pastry Arts Program is six months long and covers 600 instructional hours divided into six modules. Students can progress from chocolate confections to bread to pastries to cakes and cake decorating. By the time they complete the program, they can expertly whip up silky-soft mousses or airy souffles. Aspiring chocolatiers can also opt for the part-time diploma program in Advanced Confectionary and Sugar Arts. Within eight weeks, they can craft the perfect truffles and toffees and learn how to work magic with sugar to create eye-popping showpieces.

Perhaps the idea of a culinary career is intriguing, but you are not sure if you are ready to make the jump. National Culinary School gives you a taste of the professional culinary world with a free introductory class! Prospective students can also enroll in a module of their choice. With every class, there is an opportunity to learn from top-notch professionals who are experts in their fields and eager to impart their knowledge. Expect plenty of interaction with instructors and fellow students as well as valuable hands-on learning!

Anyone interested in learning more about the programs or enrolling at National Culinary School can take a tour before applying. The school strives to make courses available to as many people as possible. To help ensure that, there is an in-house culinary financing program available that provides flexible payment plan options.

Included in the tuition cost is the all-important job placement assistance. National Culinary School graduates have the esteemed diploma, and this program ensures all their hard work pays off by teaching resume writing, interview skills, and how to track and respond to job leads. Because National Culinary School has such a well-earned reputation, it has formed partnerships with many San Diego-area restaurants and businesses to help students find their dream job.

This innovative and illustrious program is one of our thriving Shop Local tenants at Grossmont Center. The National Culinary School is an independent business and serves as a wonderful example of how buying local affects the whole community. Students who invest in their education here are building a new future for themselves. The school also helps people find jobs in the area, boosting the local economy. It provides a unique service and is a destination for people from around the county who want a career in the culinary arts—it enhances the reputation of the Center, and of La Mesa. National Culinary School is a major player in San Diego’s robust food service industry and will continue to shape local dining for many years to come.

Do you dream of being a top chef, running a lively restaurant, or creating sweets worthy of a French patisserie? Visit National Culinary School at Grossmont Center and take the first step towards making that dream come true.

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