Feel Like Royalty at Palace Herbal Spa

Does your body feel like a parched piece of land, one where your streams of energy have dried up because they are blocked? Pay a restorative visit to Palace Herbal Spa at Grossmont Center. Come to experience massages, grounded in Chinese medicine principles, that aim to have your energy flowing freely again, so you feel rejuvenated.

Family-Owned Business

The San Diego spa is co-owned by May Wang and Jone Guo, who have created the treatments offered there. “Your body has 12 meridian channels running through it, just like rivers or streams, and there are more than 365 acupuncture points on them,” says Guo. “If a channel is blocked, nothing passes through, and that is how the body can become unhealthy. Our massages are designed to renew and revitalize a customer’s life force. We want to treat everyone like royalty.”

Types of Massages

Palace Herbal Spa in La Mesa offers both table and chair massages. Carve out some space in your schedule for the luxurious Full Body Table Massage; if you don’t have a lot of time, opt for a brief Foot Reflexology session or a Neck and Back Chair Massage instead. The goal with any treatment is to bring healing—in fact, some clients have said they even experience emotional healing during a treatment.

Herbal Foot Reflexology Treatment

One of the more popular massages is the Royal Herbal Foot Reflexology Treatment, which is inspired by the foot spa used by Chinese emperors thousands of years ago. The treatment incorporates Tibetan herbs that are supposed to help with circulation or arthritis issues. A customer’s feet are soaked in a cypress tub and then massaged with advanced reflexology techniques such as meridian management and tissue therapy.

Deluxe Aroma Foot Reflex Spa

The Deluxe Aroma Foot Reflex Spa is similarly based on ancient traditions, in this case from Japan. There are five different variations on this treatment, featuring ingredients such as aloe vera, rose, and jasmine. If you have a problem with plantar fasciitis, there is also a special foot reflexology treatment geared towards that issue.

Other Massages & Treatments

Other treatments include 5 Meridian Head Reflexology, which can be an incredibly soothing way to release tension. If you want a little bit of everything, try the Signature Combo Massage, which consists of a 30-minute foot massage and 30 minutes of body work on the table.

Why Choose Palace Herbal Spa

Palace Herbal Spa is like an oasis in the Center. Once inside, you can relax while listening to the melodic spa music. A recent remodel now invites you with a warm and inviting atmosphere. There are treatment rooms for singles and couples, and Guo’s paintings are hung on the walls. The therapists are trained to be attentive to each client’s needs and are responsive to requests during treatments, such as addressing areas of the body that are in particular need of extra help.

Supporting Local Business

This family-owned spa is a great place to go if you want to support independent businesses by buying local. Grossmont Center has many “Shop Local” tenants that bring something special to La Mesa. By providing customers with unique goods and services, these businesses fulfill a special role in the community. People come to the Center because there are so many choices when it comes to shops, restaurants, and service providers. It has become more than a mall—it is a hub for people to come together.

Supporting local businesses by shopping local has a wide-ranging impact. The city gets valuable sales tax revenue to fund projects that improve and beautify. Plus, the businesses themselves can grow and succeed. For instance, Palace Herbal Spa also has locations in Escondido and San Diego. So a therapeutic foot massage helps you, and it also helps the local economy, too. You will walk out feeling great, for many reasons at Palace Herbal Spa!

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