fall fashion trends

It is a new season, and that means stores are filled with fierce new fashions. And what fashions they are! Hot fall trends in clothing, shoes, and accessories use innovative colors, shapes, and textures that keep you looking stylish from head to toe. Glittery golds, luxe leathers, frilly frocks—fall is all about eye-catching fashion, and you can find fabulous pieces at Grossmont Center! Build your wardrobe or pick out a statement piece (or two!) at our stores to stay chic all season long. Our fall fashion guide can help you get started!

Bold and Brilliant Prints

Vividly colored flowers or wild animal stripes and spots—this season’s prints aren’t dainty and small, but designed to grab attention. You can go all out with a leopard print jumpsuit, or dip your toe in the water with a brightly striped scarf. One hot new fall trend: art-inspired prints that make a bold statement. Try out several different kinds of prints on a budget by shopping at Target

Historical Romance

Designers took inspiration from bygone eras for this fall. The breathtaking results include gorgeous ruffled blouses that echo the Victorian time period and structured dresses with square necklines that look like they came from straight from the Renaissance—if the dresses had bare midriffs back then. 


“Going green” takes on a whole new meaning when we talk about fall fashion. Hues in this color family were seen all over the runways, ranging from teal to forest green, and just about every shade in between. One especially popular—and lovely—hue is pistachio, a gentle, just-right green that is neither too olive nor too minty. It is just right for fall style!


Shine like the star you are with sleek silver and gold. Foil accents can jazz up any dress or top or you can make a huge statement with a metallic silver blouse. To stay on top of the trend this fall, incorporate some shimmery gold lamé into your wardrobe with a cocktail or formal dress; check out the selection at Prevue Formal & BridalIt may look futuristic, but for this trend, the future is now.


Plaid is a classic that’s coming back for another go-round in the style spotlight. This time, it is infused with another hot fall trend: grunge. Plaid pants look hot with combat boots, especially if you throw on a leather jacket to complete the look. The ‘90s are not your decade? Go back a little farther to the 1980s and wear your plaid in a power suit complete with shoulder pads or in a preppy blazer.


This doesn’t mean you can roll out of bed in your cutoff sweat shorts and old T-shirt. We’re talking elegant, flowy separates such as tunics and wide-legged pants that look comfortable and cozy, but never sloppy, thanks to upscale fabrics and flattering cuts.


Just about any item of clothing you can think of—jackets, shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, coats—can be found in leather this fall. We’re not just talking about basic black leather, although there is plenty of that. This is the season to try a new hue, such as a rich burgundy or cool camel. Don’t be afraid to go bold; head-to-toe leather is a thing this fall.

Chunky Sneakers

You can’t miss these kicks. Forget high-performance running shoes or traditional white canvas lace-ups—these sneakers are big and almost puffy-looking, as if a regular tennis shoe has somehow been inflated. You can opt for a clean all-white shoe, but let’s face it, if you embrace this trend, go big and find a pair with some color. Famous Footwear offers a wide selection of sneakers, as well as other shoes for men, women and kids.

Asymmetrical Necklines

Here is a trend that is perfect for our sunny San Diego lifestyle. Blouses and dresses drape gracefully from one shoulder, baring a hint of skin and adding an element of interest to any outfit. Floral fabrics add a sweet, romantic feel to an asymmetrical neckline, while midriff cutouts create a more saucy and sensual look. 

Statement coats

The only reason to cover up a trendy outfit is if you have a fabulous, jaw-dropping coat to wear over it. A beautiful coat makes an amazing first impression and be paired with work wear or jeans and a T-shirt. There are several types of coats that are the height of fashion this fall, ranging from puffy, quilted overcoats to sleek trenches. All eyes will be on you when you are clad in a coat made of plush, fur-like fabric or one that has a cape element to it and a dramatic, floor-sweeping hem—especially if it is in a bold and beautiful color. Find a coat to match your personality with the terrific selection at Macy’s.

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