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Eyebrows are the frame of the face, which is why it is so important that they look their best. Creating a pronounced arch or thinning a brow can alter your entire appearance. However, changing your eyebrows is easier said than done—one wrong move and you can end up with an over-plucked or misshapen brow. That is why women wanting threading in San Diego are flocking to Super Brows at Grossmont Center for their brow treatments

Super Brows Technique: Eyebrow Threading

The skilled brow technicians at Super Brows  practice the ancient craft of threading that has become widely popular today. Eyebrow threading uses a thin cotton thread to roll over hair and remove it at the follicle.

Why Eyebrow Threading?

Management at this threading salon believe so strongly in the art of threading that it’s the only hair removal option offered. It’s a great alternative to plucking or waxing because it’s quick, effective, and lasts longer than the other brow treatments. Threading your eyebrows is also good for all skin types, especially sensitive skin, because there is less redness or irritation compared to other hair removal methods. When technicians at this La Mesa salon are done working on clients, the area around the brows looks soft and clean. 

Services Offered at Super Brows

Brow Treatments

Super Brows offers various brow treatments including eyebrow shaping and arching, as well as eyebrow touch ups. Thick brows can be sculpted or tamed, and brows thinned by too much tweezing are given definition while waiting for hairs to grow back. This gentle and intricate threading procedure allows brows to be shaped one hair at a time, offering precise control over the shaping process. 

Face & Neck Treatments

There is also a wide range of threading services for other areas of the face and neck. Clients who visit this La Mesa salon can focus on spots such as the upper lip, forehead, and chin, or opt for full-face threading. One of the great things about threading your eyebrows or other parts of your face is that it can reach even the smallest hairs, such as peach fuzz on the chin or regrowth on eyebrows. 

Along with the precision that comes with brow treatments, clients at Super Brows rave about how quick and painless the process is. Threading your eyebrows and other areas can generally be completed in less than 10 minutes. Most clients say the process is practically painless and similar in feeling to tweezing your brow hairs, and they love that the end result is a fabulous pair of flawless eyebrows.

Exemplary Customer Service

Another reason why customers love this La Mesa salon is because of the exemplary customer service. Every client who comes in the door is greeted warmly and assisted as soon as possible. Technicians listen carefully to client needs and concerns and work effortlessly with them to get the desired effect. 

At the end of each threading session, clients are asked to look in a mirror to ensure they are happy with their brows. If clients aren’t completely satisfied, technicians make any additional tweaks necessary to create the ultimate result for the client. Super Brows technicians will also offer clients an application of cooling gel to help tighten pores and guard against potential skin irritation. Every client walks away feeling cared for and beautiful, making the client experience at this beauty care salon one of the best in San Diego.

Professional & Clean Environment

This La Mesa salon also earns high praise for its clean and professional atmosphere, relaxing music, courteous staff, and affordable prices. For repeat customers—and there are many of them—Super Brows offers punch cards that can be used towards a free threading session. Savvy clients also subscribe to the monthly newsletter, which contains terrific discounts and coupons.

Super Brows: A Local Business

This beauty care salon provides its clientele with a valuable service—and the satisfaction that comes from shopping local. Independent businesses such as Super Brows offer high-quality services and products that are unique and can’t be found anywhere else. This threading salon is just one of many “shop local” tenants at Grossmont Center, and we are proud that these businesses play such an important role in shaping community character and driving the La Mesa economy. These tenants are a major reason why the Center is more than just a mall.

Eyebrow shaping is a highly exact art, and that is also true of threading. The staff members at Super Brows are meticulous about their craft and your happiness is their ultimate goal. If you’re looking for threading in San Diego, come visit this La mesa salon at Grossmont Center for all your brow treatment needs. 

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