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To get the best wireless and digital service, you need to get the best customer service. A helpful, knowledgeable sales associate can direct you to the right products and plans to fit your lifestyle, troubleshoot tech problems, and make activation and setup a breeze. To get that ideal type of service, you want to visit AT&T®, and fortunately, there are two locations at Grossmont Center for your convenience: Express AT&T® and My Wireless AT&T®.

These AT&T® retailers carry all the top brand names in mobile phones, wearables, tablets, and device accessories. “Guiding customers through all of these options is a sales team that passionately cares about providing the best possible service,” says Express AT&T® Manager Zaid Jadan.

“Everyone on our team is trained to stay current on all the latest devices and features; they can talk about the differences between, for instance, a Google Pixel 4 and a Galaxy Note10 so that customers can evaluate the various features and make a solid, informed purchase,” Jadan says. “We work efficiently to get customers everything they need, whether it is a new phone case or a wireless plan for the whole family. And we never send a customer out the door without ensuring their device is completely set up and ready to go; we are happy to answer any questions because we want our customers to feel satisfied that they made a terrific purchase that is simple to use. The whole point of this technology is to make peoples’ lives easier, and that is our goal as well.”

The AT&T® stores at Grossmont Center are a dream for anyone who wants to stay current with the latest gadgets, thanks to the broad inventory of devices. Shiny new tablets and cutting-edge fitness devices are on display alongside the latest and greatest phones from Apple, Samsung, LG, and other brands. Both Express AT&T® and My Wireless AT&T® make it easy to get a cool new toy thanks to device upgrade and trade-in offers that make purchases more affordable. Smart customers know that their new device should also have the extra security of a protection plan, and the AT&T® stores offer several options that come in handy in case of an accidental drop or water exposure.

Of course, customers can’t use a device without an effective wireless plan behind it. AT&T® gives customers an array of choices, from prepaid plans to family networks. Boasting unlimited talk and text and several levels of data usage, these plans are user-friendly, and they don’t tie customers down to long-term contracts or carry activation fees. 

In addition to phones and devices, the Grossmont Center AT&T® locations also carry a great assortment of accessories that are necessary to stay connected. Headphones and earpieces help customers stay hands free, while chargers and portable batteries keep mobile phones from powering down at inconvenient times.  

Staying connected on the go is one thing, but stress-free wireless service at home is another, and Express AT&T® and My Wireless AT&T® have mastered both. In addition to wireless phone plans, these stores can also help customers with their home internet needs, as well as entertainment packages for their TVs such as DIRECTV® and AT&T NOW. Often, signing up for multiple services allows customers to take advantage of bundling deals, so they can get more bang for their buck. 

These AT&T® retailers place a premium on high-quality customer service. Obviously, that can be seen in the well-stocked inventory, and the cheerful and prompt assistance employees provide to each and every customer, but it can take other forms as well. The stores regularly offer hard-to-pass-up promotions, which can range from store credit for trade-ins to deals on devices and plans for first responders and members of the military. Express AT&T® and My Wireless AT&T® also value a customer’s time, so they provide options for people to purchase a device online and then pick it up in store or have it delivered to them and activated in person. 

And then there is the unique customer loyalty program called AT&T THANKS®. By installing the program’s app on a device, customers have a wealth of benefits right at their fingertips. These sweet deals include Ticket Twosdays, in which members get a free ticket to take a friend or loved one to a movie every Tuesday; Readly Select offers access to digital magazines, perfect for reading on your device; presale tickets for concerts and events; and priority help when calling AT&T® for customer service questions. The program has three tiers (blue, gold, and platinum), each offering their own level of benefits. It is just one more way that AT&T® puts its customers first.
You deserve excellent service from your wireless carrier—and from its employees. Visit the Express AT&T® and My Wireless AT&T® stores at Grossmont Center and see what truly exemplary service looks like. 

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