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The countdown to Halloween is here and that means it’s time to brainstorm some easy homemade costumes for kids! Rather than spending a fortune at your local Halloween store, give your kids the cutest and spookiest costumes by creating a masterpiece of your own. Get as much inspiration as you need with these easy DIY Halloween costumes for kids!


1. Sassy Strawberry Costume

Different types of foods are always fun costume ideas for kids! Go with a sassy and sweet strawberry costume that can work for young ones of all ages, including babies too. All you need is a plain red dress (like this one from Walmart), yellow and green felt, a barrette (for the underside of the hat), hot-glue, and fabric glue. Only a little bit of sewing is required for this one, so it’s a doable project for all skill levels.

Homemade Strawberry Costume for kidsSource

2. Hot Air Balloon Costume

Are your kiddos a fan of the movie “Up?” If so, they’ll be on cloud nine with this fun and original idea. A bunch of helium balloons and a well-crafted basket will make this hot air balloon float to life. Crafting (not sewing) is the name of the game for this easy homemade costume for kids, so grab your box, glue, balloons, and string and get to Halloween crafting!

Homemade Up Costume for kidsSource

3. Lego Block Costume

Kids love playing with Legos, so why not have them dress up as a giant one for Halloween? This easy DIY Halloween costume for kids is super simple with only a few supplies and steps. A big box, craft boxes, and glossy spray paint are the main building blocks you’ll need to make the biggest Lego your kids have ever seen! Walmart offers ample in-store selection of boys sweatpants in a variety of colors to create this Lego Block costume.

Homemade Lego Boy Costume for KidsSource

4. Elsa & Olaf Costumes

The movie “Frozen” is a huge hit with young kids, which is why these costumes are so irresistible! Whether you have a brother and sister who want to dress up together or are looking to coordinate with friends, DIY Elsa and Olaf costumes are the way to go. To make this easy Elsa DIY costume for kids, all you need is an aqua singlet, white leggings, blue and white glitter tulle, aqua ribbon, and sheer white sparkly fabric (for the cape)!

no sew, easy homemade Elsa costume for kidsSource

5. Superhero Costumes

What do kids love more than anything? Superheroes! Rather than dress up as their favorite movie character, make them the star of the show with their own superhero costume. Get creative with a fun name or simply use their first initial to make their cape “superhero official” as they fly around and trick-or-treat. Target has a great assortment of boys and girls leggings to begin making this look.

Easy DIY Superhero Halloween Costumes for Kids

6. Ice Cream Stand

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Add a little flavor to your child’s Halloween costume by creating a DIY ice cream stand. This easy homemade costume for kids is great for boys and girls and will definitely put them in the running for best Halloween costume! You can even switch it up and create a lemonade stand if your little one prefers that. All you need to make this DIY kids Halloween costume are (3) 20X30 Elmer’s Foam Boards, Acrylic Paint, Sponge Brush, Painter’s Tape, (3) 12X12 Pieces of Colored Cardstock, (2) Yard Sticks, and Hot Glue!

Easy Ice Cream Stand DIY Halloween Costumes for KidsSource

7. Classic Ghost

For a more spooky idea, help your kiddos create a classic ghost costume that looks much more stylish than the typical white sheet with holes. This no-sew kids costume idea takes ponchos to a ghostly level and without much of a hassle. White fleece, black felt, fabric glue, and scissors will complete this homemade costume in no time! Whether your baby needs a cute costume or your toddler loves the idea, this outfit is great for all!

No-sew homemade ghost costume for kidsSource

8. Bucket of Popcorn

You don’t need to go to the theater for a bucket of popcorn! Turn your kids into a buttery movie treat with this cool idea. Popped kernels made of foam and a classic red and white popcorn bucket made of fabric make this a costume your family will always remember! Keep in mind that this easy DIY Halloween costume for kids requires a little more craftiness and a longer list of supplies, so make sure you don’t wait until the night before Halloween!

Easy homemade popcorn costume for kidsSource

9. Fairy

Bring fairy magic to your little girl’s Halloween experience with an adorable DIY fairy costume! Colorful tulle, faux flowers, and a magical wand are the 3 supplies you need in order to make this costume idea for kids just as pretty as anything you’d buy in the store. Add in your own unique touches of glittery hair and gems to bring that extra sparkle!

Easy homemade fairy costume for kidsSource

10. Buzz Lightyear

Toy Story will forever be at the heart of childhood and so will its characters! Bring the movie to life this Halloween by recreating Buzz Lightyear’s costume for kids. A little measuring and attention to detail come in handy when crafting the wings, but other than that, this easy homemade costume for kids doesn’t require any sewing or complex steps. 

Easy DIY Buzz Lightyear costume for kidsSource

11. Mario & Luigi

Mario and Luigi are yet another dynamic duo that make for a super smashing Halloween costume (yes, that was a Super Smash Bros pun). One of the great things about this costume is that you can use clothing your kiddos already own to help you create the final product—red and green long sleeve shirts. Blue felt overalls and the iconic Mario and Luigi hats are the biggest items you’ll need to craft up (sewing is required), but other than that, this costume idea for kids isn’t too much of a challenge!

Homemade Mario and Luigi costumes for kidsSource

12. Army Man

Do you have any of those little green army men scattered about your house? Grab one of them and use it as a model for this creative Halloween costume that’s always popular with the boys! Lots and lots of green spray paint, cargo pants, an army costume, and some cardboard are the biggest supplies you’ll need to finish this masterpiece. The end result is a very green, life-size version of the iconic army men you see in Toy Story. Talk about a unique idea!

DIY Army Man costume for kidsSource

13. Black Cat

The black cat is one of the many iconic characters of Halloween that never fails to be a super cute costume. This particular guide gives instructions for a toddler, but feel free to adjust for your older kids as well. A DIY wire hanger tail, fuzzy ears with hair clips, and an adorable black tutu outfit (available at Macy’s) to transform your little one into the cutest black cat you ever did see!

Black cat costume idea for kids

14. Where’s Waldo

No need to search for Waldo any longer because he’ll be in your living room come Halloween night! The beauty behind this easy DIY Halloween costume for kids is that it only requires crafting for one small piece—the hat. The only catch is you need to know how to crochet to complete it. Once you’ve gotten past that step, all you need is a red and white striped shirt and some round glasses!

Easy to make Where’s Waldo costume for kidsSource

15. Scarecrow

Rounding out the list of easy homemade costumes for kids is the scarecrow with a feminine twist. Although this specific DIY tutorial is geared towards girls, you can always switch it up to a classic, overalls scarecrow if that works better for your boys. Much like the fairy costume listed above, this costume is made mostly of tool and ribbon with some burlap for the hat. Don’t forget a sunflower centerpiece to complete this cute get up!

Easy homemade Scarecrow costume for kidsSource


And there you have it! With a little creativity and some time set aside on the weekend, you can help your kids have one of their best Halloween experiences with an affordable, DIY costume! For all of your materials and supplies, make sure to visit Target, Macy’s, and Walmart

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