DIY crafts and activities for kids


Thinking of ways to keep your kids busy and entertained while stuck at home can be a challenge, especially when you’ve already run through your go-to ideas. Luckily, with a little creativity and time, you can set up activities that’ll keep the little ones busy for hours. Try these DIY crafts and activities for kids to make staying at home a more enjoyable experience for both you and your children!


1. Color Scavenger Hunt

Color scavenger hunt activity for kidsSource

Scavenger hunts are always a great idea because they can be used as an educational tool, plus it gives parents a little downtime while the kids are busy searching. This particular scavenger hunt is easy to make as a white paper lunch bag and markers are the only supplies that are needed. Have your kids match the color categories on the lunch bags with everyday items you can find around the house or the backyard. It’s a fun and easy way for little ones to learn their colors!


2.  DIY Hopscotch Mat

DIY Hopscotch matSource

If you don’t have a lot of outdoor space or the weather has you cooped up inside, bring hopscotch into your home with this simple DIY craft. Felt (or paper) squares, a long fabric sheet, and lots of hot glue are all you need to create a cute hopscotch that can be moved throughout your home. When the kids get tired, you can even turn the mat into an interactive math game for addition and subtraction practice!


3. Blanket Fort

Blanket fort activity for kids

If you’re in the mood for an easy, no-hassle DIY activity for kids, you can always resort to the classic blanket fort. This may not be a super unique idea, but it does the trick when the kids are bored. Try using items already found in the home like a clothesline, outdoor tent frame, or wooden dowels to create the structure for the fort. Then, let the kids go to town by adding all of the blankets, sheets, and cushions they want. To make everyday activities more fun, you can encourage your kids to create blanket forts for a specific purpose. A reading fort and napping fort are a few great examples!


4. Drive-In Movie

DIY Drive-In Movie for KidsSource

Grab the popcorn and candy and help your kids experience a “drive-in movie” with this DIY craft for kids! This budget-friendly activity is awesome for two reasons. One, it gives your little ones the opportunity to get creative by converting an ordinary cardboard box into a car. You can use black plates for wheels and any other supplies to add some pizazz. Two, it puts a fun twist on movies at home. Have them drive their cars up to the TV and they’re ready for a drive-in movie! Plus, it doesn’t hurt that you can get some “me” time as they’re entertained for a couple of hours. 

5. Nerf Gun Target Practice

Nerf guns for DIY activity for kids

It’s no secret that kiddos love playing with nerf guns. Rather than have them run around the house shooting at each other causing a raucous, set up a fun target practice game. Not only does it keep the fun more organized and contained, but it also gives the kids a chance to practice their hand-eye coordination. A regular cardboard box can be used for the stand. Then, prop up empty toilet paper rolls on top of the box. Use small, toy balls as the targets and set them on the rolls. You can assign point values to each target and turn the nerf game into an exciting competition with prizes!


6. Cardboard Marble Course

DIY Cardboard Marble CourseSource

Have your little ones collect all of their marbles and put them to good use with a marble course! This DIY activity for kids is simple to make and provides entertainment for hours. The only supplies you’ll need are pieces of cardboard (or popsicle sticks), paper cups, glue, and tape. Use the cardboard to create a platform and add in small obstacles. Once finished, pro9p it up like a runway and drop your marbles to watch them run down into the cups. This is yet another DIY activity for kids that can be turned into a fun game. You can time each kid to see how fast they can get the marble down the course or assign points to different cups for an added challenge.


7. Laser Maze

DIY Laser Maze Activity for kidsSource

Get the kiddos up and moving during cold, rainy days inside by setting up a faux laser maze! The goal of this DIY activity for kids is to have them navigate through the maze without touching the “lasers.” You can buy red streamers or even red yarn at the store to simulate the lasers, and tape them in a zigzag pattern along your hallway. Have your children take turns making their way through and see who can make it through!


8. Homemade Playdough

Playdough for DIY craft for kids

Playdough is a timeless activity that’s always a hit with youngsters. Rather than going to the store to buy the brand name stuff, try making your own with this easy DIY craft for kids. Believe it or not, this recipe only requires two ingredients: conditioner and cornstarch (with a ratio of 1 part conditioner to 2 parts cornstarch). Food coloring is optional, but you’ll most likely want to add that in to create your kid’s favorite color. Have your children make their own batches to see how it’s done and then they’re ready for playtime! 


9. Indoor Camping

While camping out in the wilderness is a blast, creating your own campsite at home can be just as cool (and a lot more convenient). Give your kids a staycation by setting up a tent inside and pull out all the stops with a faux fire and smores. You can make the experience as authentic as you want by turning off the lights and grabbing some lanterns. Tell their favorite ghost stories and let them sleep in the tent for the night. It’ll be a “camping” trip they’ll never forget! 


10. Pom Pom Racing

Pom Pom racing for kidsSource

Last but not least, it’s time for some pom pom racing! This DIY activity for kids is exhilarating and hilarious all at once. Create a couple of tracks across your floor with colored tape, gather up some straws and pom pom balls, and your kids are race-ready. Have them pick a track and see who can blow their pom pom to the finish line quicker. It’s simple and easy to clean up!


Whenever you and the kiddos are stuck indoors, don’t fret! Try out these crafts and activities for kids and enjoy the fun memories you’ll make inside the comfort of your own home. Need some supplies to get the job done? Make a quick trip to Target and Walmart for all of the craft supplies you need. 

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