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Step inside Modern Market at Grossmont Center, and you may have a hard time deciding what to look at first. Is it the fashionable jewelry, the adorable baby clothes and accessories, the striking artwork, or the pretty succulents and pottery? There are many beautiful items at Modern Market, and there is another benefit to shopping here that is not as visible to the eye: All the merchandise is handcrafted by skilled artisans from the region, which means every purchase you make supports local business people.

“We are proud to cultivate a selection of products that are the handiwork of dedicated artists,” says store owner, Claudia Sotelo. “Modern Market is a terrific place to shop for gifts or items for your home because everything here is one of a kind—our products are not mass-produced or found on the shelves at large chain stores. Giving a gift from Modern Market means you have put some thought and care into your purchase.”

When it comes to gifts, Modern Market is an ideal place to shop for baby showers. Moms-to-be will certainly appreciate cute and practical presents such as hand-knitted teddy bears, infant hats, or swaddling blankets. There are also charming baby bibs in fanciful patterns made by San Diego-based ShopLidora, which also creates sweet dresses for older babies and preschoolers. 

Jewelry is another specialty at Modern Market, which has curated a unique and diverse selection of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more. Styles range from clean and simple to trendy boho chic. Jewelry makers whose work has been featured in the store include Elephant Trunk Up, another San Diego business. Crystals make the striking jewelry shine, with gorgeous pieces such as agate cuffs and rose quartz threader earrings. Another local jewelry brand that has been featured at Modern Market is 20Feet Tall, whose delicate pendants, hoop earrings, bracelets, and ear cuffs have proved popular with customers. Modern Market has also started carrying body jewelry such as belly button rings and nose studs and hoops.

The personal care section of the store is another must-visit. Shelves beckon with aromatic moisturizing lotions, soothing balms, exfoliating cubes, and bamboo loofah soaps. With these handcrafted items, such as Green Daffodil’s vegan soaps and lotions, you have the added benefit of investing in natural beauty products that don’t have potentially harmful chemicals in the ingredient list. 

The singular selection of goods at Modern Market is dizzying in its array. There are socks from Woven Pear with whimsical designs such as cats and palm leaves, or on-trend agate coasters for your coffee table. You can purchase sage bundles if your home needs some new energy; if it’s your wardrobe that needs some rejuvenation, check out the sleek leather fanny packs from local maker Sally Sachels Nthings. Kids will love to color with In Wonderment’s crayons molded into quirky shapes such as pumpkins, hearts, or skulls, while adults will appreciate the craftsmanship Gigi’s Custom Creations uses to make home decor items and jewelry from resin. Thrifters will also want to stop by Modern Market to see the selection of vintage clothing for sale. Perhaps one of the most popular areas of the store houses the mini succulent plants, which can be planted in one of the handcrafted pots for a great housewarming gift. To make a statement, choose from the vibrantly colored pottery produced by San Diego artisan Dirt Pixie, or add on one of the chic macrame plant holders. How unique is Modern Market? There is even a spray tan salon in the back of the shop!

Modern Market is a wonderful way to shop local. It is an independently-owned store that supports local entrepreneurs. Some of these local business people support special causes, which gives your purchasing decisions even more power; for instance, the Jamila Collective employs Syrian refugee women in San Diego to help make the brand’s sterling-silver, Swarovski crystal-studded jewelry, allowing them to help support their families while working from their homes.

The same thoughtfulness that goes into the Modern Market vendor lineup is also given to its customer service. The team loves talking with its customers about the artists and craftspeople behind each product and can help come up with innovative gift ideas for any occasion. At times, Modern Market will also offer giveaways, such as contests where the winner receives a tote bag filled with all kinds of cool merchandise. 

Shopping at Modern Market is a special, meaningful experience, where the service and the quality of the products are on an elevated level. It is a store meant to be visited again and again, where something new can be discovered every time you come in. If you are shopping for a gift for someone special—and that can include yourself!—come to Modern Market at Grossmont Center, where a bevy of treasures awaits, ready to be discovered. 

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