CVS Pharmacy® Is the Place for One-Stop-Shopping in La Mesa

A great drugstore is an absolute necessity for any neighborhood. You need a place to go for prescriptions and personal care products, cold medicine and chewing gum, or school supplies and soap. A great drugstore, however, offers more than just a wide selection of goods. It also offers great deals and affordable prices, as well as friendly and helpful customer service. Fortunately, we have a great drugstore in La Mesa—CVS Pharmacy® at Grossmont Center.

“At CVS Pharmacy®, we provide a valuable service to the community,” says Manager Chris Carrillo. “Customers can pick up a lot of the basic necessities they need here, and of course, we also have an excellent pharmacy where we help people stay in good health by filling their prescriptions. Our pharmacists are highly trained and have an incredible eye for detail to ensure that prescriptions are filled properly and promptly. We know people have busy lives, so our goal is for CVS Pharmacy® to be the place to go to get all their errands done in one place.”

For many people, navigating the health care system can be exhausting, between trying to schedule appointments with providers and dealing with insurance companies on claims and coverage. CVS Pharmacy® tries to ease that burden by making the process of filling prescriptions as painless as possible. The pharmacists here strive to help customers by going above and beyond. They look for different ways to help customers save money on prescriptions, such as generic alternatives to name-brand medications, by using a customized search tool that comes at no extra cost to the customer. If a customer can’t make it into the store to pick up a prescription, delivery options are available, and other items can be added to the order so that customers can take care of all their errands from the comfort of their homes.

CVS Pharmacy® also ensures that customers never run out of their medications. Sign up for refill notification, and the pharmacy will text or call when the next dose is ready. Customers also have the choice of ordering multi-dose packs of their medications to last for 30 days. These efforts are especially appreciated by customers who have chronic health conditions, and for whom a missed dose of medication could cause problems. And for anyone who has to squint to read the tiny type on the label of their pill bottle, relief comes in CVS Pharmacy®’s streamlined labeling system. The patient’s name, the drug’s name, dosage strength, and prescription number are all printed in an easy-to-read typeface. CVS Pharmacy® goes the extra mile and even adds symbols that indicate what time of day the medicine should be taken. For older adults, there are valuable savings on Medicare Part D prescriptions.

The pharmacy is also well stocked with over-the-counter remedies for all kinds of ailments as well as medical supplies such as humidifiers, bandages to wrap around sprained ankles or wrists, and canes and crutches. The CVS Pharmacy® location at Grossmont Center also provides another handy service: vaccinations. Appointments can be made to get immunized from chickenpox, meningitis B, whooping cough, and other diseases, as well as the flu. By offering all of these services, CVS Pharmacy® is a dedicated partner in its customers’ health care.

When people stop in to pick up their prescriptions, they should bring their shopping lists—CVS Pharmacy® is a great place to check off essential items. The grocery section has a variety of refrigerated and non-perishable items. Customers also can stock up on necessary household supplies such as batteries, trash bags, laundry detergent, pet food, pens, and so much more. Of special note is the beauty section—the fully stocked shelves boast enticing bottles and jars of skin care, hair care, cosmetics, sunscreens, and nail care products. The chain is committed to healthy beauty products with its CVS® Clean collection of more than 1,000 products free of parabens, phthalates, and formaldehyde. Top clean-beauty brands carried here include Bliss®, Burt’s Bees®, and Pixi®.

There is an extra incentive to buy at CVS Pharmacy®: the terrific deals. In addition to weekly ads and emails, there is the ExtraCare® rewards program. Card-carrying members of the program can earn ExtraBucks® on every purchase; there are also ExtraCare Pharmacy & Health Rewards® and ExtraCare Beauty Club® programs with their own special perks as well as the opportunity to earn ExtraBucks®. 

When people find a reliable drugstore, a place where they know they can get super service and value, they will be customers for life. CVS Pharmacy® has that kind of devoted clientele, and the dedicated employees work hard to maintain that reputation for quality. Come to Grossmont Center and visit CVS Pharmacy®—it could be your favorite drugstore, too! 

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