Create a Precious Memory at Jewelry Loft

Jewelry Loft is the kind of place you discover while dashing in to get a watch battery replaced. The next thing you know, you are taking in your rings to be cleaned or possibly resized, and even invest in some new pieces for your jewelry collection. Customers have intense loyalty  for this Grossmont Center store, where everyone is greeted with a warm welcome, and once they experience the superior service and see the unparalleled craftsmanship on display, they are customers for life.

Jewelry Loft’s pieces are works of art—and in many cases, the artists are the customers themselves. That is because the shop is renowned for its custom business, which allows people to create their dream piece of jewelry exactly to their specifications. It could be a one-of-a-kind engagement ring, or a necklace crafted from a pair of diamond earrings handed down as a family heirloom. Whatever your vision, owner and master jeweler Juan Ramirez can help you make it a sparkling reality.

“It is an honor to help a customer create jewelry that is unique and significant to them,” Ramirez says. “It is important to me that I take the time to truly listen to what a customer wants so they end up with a beautiful piece of jewelry. I tailor my service to each person’s needs. The perfect piece will hold cherished memories and should last a lifetime, so it is very important to me that I give my best effort to everyone.”

The customization process starts with an in-depth consultation. You can bring pictures or samples in to show Ramirez what you have in mind, and as you talk with him, he will sketch some ideas for you. Once you are comfortable and know how you want to proceed, he will create a computer rendering in 3D from multiple angles. When the design is finalized, Ramirez creates a wax model to be cast in your choice of precious metal, then your diamonds or gemstones will be set, and the piece will be polished for a gleaming finish. Ramirez’s expertise and skills are amply evident in every custom piece. His superior workmanship is backed with a lifetime guarantee on all jewelry, at no additional cost to you.

In addition to custom pieces, Jewelry Loft features a gorgeous selection of engagement rings and wedding bands in white, yellow, or rose gold as well as platinum. Drop-in visits are always welcome, and you can also schedule an appointment to view prospective rings. Often, engagement rings need to be resized to fit the bride-to-be, and customers say Ramirez is especially gifted at this. His work is even more impressive when you take into account that he completes the process quickly—and cleans the ring to a brilliant sparkle at no extra cost.

You can bring in rings you already own for resizing and free cleaning, too. Ramirez also performs a wide range of jewelry repair jobs, such as re-tipping prongs, resetting or replacing diamonds or gemstones, fixing signs of wear and tear, and tightening loose clasps, among many others. The expert watchmaker on staff can size bands or install batteries while you wait, and make repairs as well. Other services Jewelry Loft offers include engraving and appraisals conducted by an in-store gemologist.

Customers are always thrilled with the work, and are also impressed with the fair prices and exceptional service. People often end up chatting with Ramirez while he works on their watches and jewelry, and without fail they compliment him on his honesty, professionalism, and friendly manner.

Jewelry Loft is one of the wonderful discoveries you can find when you shop local at Grossmont Center. Talented entrepreneurs such as Juan Ramirez are a vital addition to our community. They operate their businesses with great care and are invested in serving their customers and the community at large. Their reputation for quality benefits the Center, where many of our tenants are local business owners. They create a vibrancy and excitement that draws people here. We are fortunate to have so many places at the Center where you can buy local, which is why we like to say that we are more than just a mall.

And Jewelry Loft is more than just a jewelry store, it’s a place where you can create the ring, necklace or other piece you’ve always dreamt of wearing or gifting. Add some splendor to your life and bring your dream jewelry to glorious, glittering reality.

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