It used to be that comic books were a small niche in the pop culture landscape. With the explosion of popularity in Marvel and DC comics—and their blockbuster movies and TV shows—comics have gone mainstream. In fact, geek has become practically chic, as devoted fandoms have sprung up around comics, as well as movies, TV shows, Japanese anime characters, and much more. Growing right alongside these devoted fan bases is the industry for collectibles. Now, anyone who loves “Star Wars” can set their table with Death Star salt and pepper shakers, lightsaber cutlery, and a BB-8 mug filled with Yoda-shaped ice cubes. You can get all that, and countless other pop culture paraphernalia, at the awesome Comics-N-Stuff location at Grossmont Center.

San Diego’s largest chain of comic book stores is renowned for its fantastic selection of classic and current comics as well as graphic novels, and trade paperbacks. The top publishers are all here—Marvel and DC, of course, as well as Dark Horse Comics, IDW Publishing, and Image Comics, among others.

When you enter the Center’s location, you can tell the displays have been created with great care and attention to detail. Comics are arranged in alphabetical order and not tightly packed onto the shelves, which makes for easier browsing. The individual issues are bagged in order to protect them from wear and tear. Browse a good selection of archival supplies to help you keep your purchases in mint condition. When you walk into Comics-N-Stuff, you can tell this store is run by someone who loves and respects the art of comic books.

That someone is owner Ed Sundberg. “We have decades of experience in this business,” he says. “We carry so many products, but we don’t want anyone to come in here and feel overwhelmed. We want people to be excited to explore and discover that back issue they have been searching for, or the perfect gift for their friend who loves ‘Game of Thrones.’ We have set up the store so everyone can get a really good look at the comics and collectibles in stock. If they can’t find what they are looking for here, then we will help them track it down at one of our eight other locations in San Diego and Las Vegas. Customer satisfaction is our priority.”

In addition to the comics, there is an eye-popping variety of collectibles. Comics-N-Stuff carries wallets, keychains, T-shirts, role-playing games, action figures, and lanyards, to name just a few. There is also artwork by Mike S. Miller that depicts Deadpool, or Calvin and Hobbes dressed as “Star Wars” characters. The sheer number of characters and shows represented here is incredible. “Planet of the Apes.” “Batman,” Power Rangers—they are all accounted for, as well as the popular “Doctor Who” and “The Walking Dead.” The list could go on and on!

Find popular collectibles such as Funko Pops, the vinyl, cartoon-like figurines based on famous TV, movie, and comic characters. Other items are more esoteric, such as a fountain featuring Jack Skellington, the main character from the animated “The Nightmare before Christmas,” or a bottle opener in the shape of the Stay-Puft marshmallow man from “Ghostbusters.” Other quirky items include a Captain America oven mitt, a Monopoly game with “The Hobbit” theme, and, perhaps most unusual, a contraption that allows you to make a boiled egg in the shape of the “Star Wars” droid C-3PO.

If you need help winnowing through these treasures, the friendly staff is willing and eager to assist you. The Center’s Comics-N-Stuff location is well-known for its fantastic and knowledgeable service. The personalized attention you get here is just one of the many reasons why it is great to buy local. Comics-N-Stuff stands alone as a source for all your pop culture needs. Plus, Sundberg and his staff make a tireless effort to meet customer requests and keep the store stocked with the coolest finds. You will want to come back again and again to discover the latest additions. Like many of our Shop Local tenants, Comics-N-Stuff is a draw to customers at the Center. These businesses are the backbone of La Mesa, contributing valuable sales tax revenue that is funneled to programs that make the city a great place to live—and to shop.

Whether you are a Marvel fan for life or pledge allegiance to DC only, you will find something you just have to have at Comics-N-Stuff!


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