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As parents, we all have those days. The days when the kids are tired of playing with their toys, the craft closet is low on supplies, and you hear the two words a parent dreads: “I’m bored.” Those are the days when a visit to The Playground will make everyone happy.

The Playground is a wonderland for young kids—and their parents—at Grossmont Center. Children love it because it has everything from ball pits to basketball hoops. Parents love it because this indoor playground is clean, safe, affordably priced, and open seven days a week.

“I want The Playground to be a place families enjoy coming to again and again,” says owner Shenea White. “They can stay and play as long as they want, and we provide a variety of toys, games, and activities for continuous fun. We even let families take a break for nap time or lunch at one of the great restaurants at Grossmont Center and then come back to play some more, without charging them extra. We want families to relax and have a great time—the toughest decision should be where to start playing first!”

The Playground offers something for every kid. There is a separate area for toddlers where they can play at their own pace away from older kids. Everything is perfectly pint-sized here, including plastic slides, climbing equipment, and toy cars. Tables with puzzles, games, and clay provide great opportunities for hands-on activities. Kids can also let their imaginations run free with playsets. They can pretend to grocery shop, cook, or build with play tools. Parents are encouraged to get in on the fun, helping their children navigate the play equipment or build a track for a wooden train set.

Older children have free rein in the rest of The Playground, with plenty to discover and do. Inflatable climbing sets and pits filled with foam blocks or bouncy balls are the best for burning off kid energy. Wide open spaces are ideal for pedaling or pushing kid-scale cars. If children want to chill out for a bit, there is a video game section with cool gaming chairs. While the kids play, parents can watch from one of the multiple comfortable couches stationed throughout The Playground.

Parents can relax knowing that their children’s safety is a top priority. Floors are covered with colorful foam mats for extra padding and all children are required to wear socks instead of shoes, so they don’t slip on an untied shoelace. Customers also appreciate the cleanliness of the equipment and the bathrooms. The Playground goes the extra mile in creating a great experience for families. There are thoughtful touches such as healthy snacks that parents can purchase for kids. Come on Football Sundays when parents can watch the NFL games on The Playground’s TVs while the kids romp. Families with infants are also welcome. Babies who aren’t walking yet are admitted for free, there are changing tables in the bathrooms, and parents can bring their diaper bags into the play area for easy access to baby supplies.

Naturally, The Playground is fantastic for kids’ birthday parties! The popular offerings include party tables, semi-private, and private rooms. Parents can also arrange for amenities such as face painting, balloon artists, appetizers and other food, karaoke and music, table settings, and more.

The Playground is vibrant, both in its colorful décor and its joyful spirit. White is proud to serve the Grossmont Center clientele by offering families a safe and secure environment for play. She makes it easy for people to take advantage of all The Playground has to offer with special pricing deals as well as monthly memberships to encourage frequent visits.

As a local business owner, White is attuned to what her customers want and need. She loves making families happy, and that kind of customer satisfaction is one of the benefits of shopping local! When you frequent these types of shops and restaurants, you will get to know the hard-working owners and develop a relationship with them. You can share your feedback and even make requests for certain products and services. Often, the owners are eager to oblige!

Buying local also helps make your community a better place to live. Sales tax revenue from La Mesa businesses helps fund city programs and services. Shopping local also encourages the development of other independently owned businesses, and that gives La Mesa a unique character and a thriving sense of community spirit. Grossmont Center is proud to be home to many of these local San Diego businesses.

Everyone needs a little fun in their life. Avoid the “I’m bored” whines and bring your kids to The Playground to let them run free. It is sure to be a good time for kids and parents alike!

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